PUBG Mobile has become one of the most successful mobile games around the globe nowadays. India, with its large number of Android game players, contributes no small part to this fact. PUBG Mobile is massively popular here. This is perhaps because PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play app, with only in-game purchase. Its PC counterpart, on the other hand, requires players to purchase it on Steam. Furthermore, players will need a pretty decent computer to play PUBG PC, whereas PUBG Mobile can run smoothly on most smartphones currently available on the market.

Pubg Tvc 3
PUBG Mobile is massively popular, especially in India

To make the most out of this prosperous market, the game’s developer Tencent Games has recently released two TV commercials on the television networks of India. This is the first time the company has made a TVC. Additionally, this is also the first time India has broadcasted a commercial for a video game on its television networks.

PUBG Mobile TV Commercials

Of the two TVCs, one focuses on the Sanhok map, the latest map currently available in the game. The other, meanwhile, is a live-action demonstration of the gameplay of PUBG, with real actors.

Pubg Tvc
A scene from the live-action commercial

According to Tencent Games, they strategically planned to launch these TVC during the Dussehra/Diwali holidays, when many people have time to watch TV with their families. “The launch of the TVC corroborates the substance of India as a market for PUBG MOBILE. We all know someone who plays PUBG MOBILE. This simple fact is the testimony to the impact of the game in India. The transition from gaming sub-Culture to pop-Culture is imminent,” Tencent Games says.

Pubg Tvc 2
A scene from the live-action commercial

The TVCs will be broadcasted on several English and Hindi movie or music channels, as well as English Entertainment and Infotainment channels. The audience can see these commercials on channels such as HBO HD, Star Gold, and Star Movies, Sony Mix, Discovery Channel, VH1 and Comedy Central, just to name a few.