The COVID-19 pandemic has been rampaging all over the world for a few months now. While most people have to stay home to stop the virus from spreading further, there are still people out there who have to work days and night to keep the society functioning and defeat the pandemic. They are the ones who need any help they can get to keep fighting the pandemic until there is a cure.

While the gaming industry is one of the least affected industries during the pandemic, PUBG Mobile is also responding to the pandemic and giving out a helping hand.

Running in PUBG Mobile to raise more money for COVID-19 charity

PUBG Mobile has partnered with Direct Relief to launch the #PUBGMPlayAsOne campaign in-game and among social communities to connect players all around the world to bring a positive impact.

And so they have announced the Running Challenge in-game event to raise money to fight COVID-19 pandemic. They put in the fund $1 million and challenge players to raise that money up by running in the game. From July 15 to July 28, PUBG Mobile players can join the event by running in matches. The running distance of all players will be recorded and added up to raise more money for the fund at certain milestones.

You can check out how much money has been raised by PUBG Mobile players on the website

Apart from joining the in-game event to raise money, you can also donate directly to the fund through the official website of Direct Relief x PUBG MOBILE. This money will be used to support Direct Relief’s emergency response to COVID-19 around the world.

So what are you waiting for? Let's turn on the game and start running now!!

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