Fnatic has just released a statement on their social media, saying that the famous PUBG Mobile player ScoutOP has officially left Fnatic.

ScoutOP is no longer stay with team Fnatic

"Today, we say goodbye to Scout. Since Fnatic arrived in India, we have seen your passion and your dedication become an inspiration for millions. You have just not made the name scout known by the world, you have made your entire country one to be listened to.You're creating a legacy, and we're pleased it's been Black and Orange for this time. Thank you and good luck. Once a Fnatic, Always Fnatic."

ScoutOP was the one who formed team Xspark along with Ronak and Owais and the team was later sponsored by Fnatic. ScoutOP is one of the best PUBG Mobile players in India and is looked up to by a lot of players.

ScoutOP, Owais, and Ronak were the original player of the team

However, the new roster of ScoutOP didn't get very good results in tournaments like everyone expected so Fnatic had to make a big adjustment to the roster of the team. But it didn't mean that Scout was a bad player as he got second place in the PMWL 2020 with team Orange Rock, the best result that any Indian team has ever achieved.

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ScoutOP is playing different games on his YouTube channel while PUBG Mobile is still banned

SCout has been working as the content creator for Fnatic ever since the roster change and now he will move on as their contract is expired. Since PUBG Mobile hasn't returned to India yet, ScoutOP will continue to stream different games on his YouTube channel for now. His YouTube channel is currently having more than 3 million subscribers.

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