It's only a few days before Season 13 of PUBG Mobile arrives, which is highly anticipated by fans. Season 13 will be a season that is not too far away after PUBG Mobile's anniversary. And after any birthday celebration, there must be some kind of a festive event.

Well, this is going to be the case for PUBG Mobile. The season that comes after PUBG Mobile's birthday is definitely a special season, for example like Season 13 which will be available in the middle of May 2020.

pubg mobile carton rangers event season 13
The current pre-Season 13 event in PUBG Mobile gives you an opportunity to get a cool new skin

PUBG Mobile creators apparently understand that players are very excited to wait for the arrival of Season 13, so they have released an event where the prize can be received by us when Season 13 is here. But what is the event like? Take a look at it below

Carton Rangers PUBG Mobile Event Season 13

Carton Rangers

This event is called Carton Rangers. You will be given the opportunity to get a prize in the form of a skin set called Ice Ranger. Ice Ranger is a skin dominated by navy blue, with a slight combination of gray, silver, and gold which makes it even cooler.

pubg mobile carton rangers event season 13
Win a 'Power Ranger' outfit when Season 13 arrives just by doing regular things in the game

This skin is really similar in our previous discussion of the theme that will be present in Season 13, which is a theme that resembles hero figures such as Ultraman or Power Rangers.

Daily Mission

There are four daily missions that you can continue to do to collect prizes and coupons to make Rangers toys from cartons. To make one toy ranger, you need 3 cardboard coupons, so you have to complete at least 3 missions to make 1 toy.

pubg mobile carton rangers event season 13
As you can see, the missions include logging into the game and just playing the game like you usually do for the most part

The missions given are also not difficult missions, which include just logging into the game, completing any match mode, winning at least the top 10 in the classic game, and playing Classic mode for a total of 40 minutes. It should be easy for most of us.

Making Ranger Toys

When making toys, you can choose the color for headgear with the color choices that have been given, you are free to choose or combine colors as you wish. This also applies when you choose a model or color for other body parts such as hands and body to feet.

pubg mobile carton rangers event season 13
You can create a combination of colors for your Ranger outfit, so not everything has to be matching

Ice Ranger Headgear

The quickest prize you can get is a headgear, and when this headgear is used it will look very unique in a cool way because the striking blue color makes anyone who is near you want to have it for themselves as well. The upcoming theme of Season 13 will surely get people more buzzed for our favorite PUBG Mobile again.

pubg mobile carton rangers event season 13
It looks like something a game like Fortnite would have but the design and colors are still really cool

With all these new content coming out, are you also impatiently waiting for the appearance of Season 13 at PUBG Mobile? Let's hope Tencent Games continue to innovate and come up with what fans want and what makes fans want more, when their competitors are becoming just as attractive and addictive with their games.

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