Season 13 of PUBG Mobile is about to get here very soon, but before it finally arrives, the 0.18.0 update has a lot of new content we still need to go through first. And getting through all of the new stuff on the new update, which came out on May 7, would take quite a while.

PUBG Mobile new Update 0.18.0 will roll out on May 7
0.18.0 update introduced an incredible amount of content for free

One of the biggest updates from the PUBG Mobile update includes Jungle Adventure mode, which is already very major addition to the game even without the other upgrades. Let's take a quick look at what we know about it as we wait for Season 13 to release:

PUBG Mobile - What is Jungle Adventure?

Jungle Adventure Mode is a new addition to PUBG Mobile, which should have come out alongside 1.18.0. However, according to Tencent Games, the full version of the mode has yet to come out and it's still in beta. Here's what they said about the new mode:

During the event, when searching for a match in Sanhok there is a random chance to enter the new Jungle Adventure Mode. This mode adds a variety of features and challenges not present in Sanhok.

  • Totem: Find ancient totems and invoke their power for a chance to receive a blessing or item.
  • Jungle Food: Fruit and other foods grow in the wild. Eating them may grant mysterious effects.
  • Hot Air Balloon: Control a Hot Air Balloon to survey the battlefield.

The mode was accessible in the 1.18.0 beta. We now know that the Jungle Adventure Mode that will come out later differs from what we've seen in the beta. Jungle Adventure Mode as it still includes a lot of interesting new features. This includes a map with totem poles that you can invoke for loot and hot air balloons you can take to the skies to survey your surroundings.

Jungle Adventure alone has a lot of new features that determine you fight
The hot air balloon eliminates some of the camping in the game and allows for a more open-field experience. Especially as you wait 6 seconds to invoke totems for loot out while exposed in the open. This is another interesting new mode joining existing modes like Arctic Survival and Safety Scramble.

When does Jungle Adventure fully release?

You can play Jungle Adventure mode right now in the 1.18.0 beta. But the version that should have come out with the update is not yet available. But this means if you have a lot to do still in PUBG Mobile, you can use the time between now and Season 13 to do what you want before Jungle Adventure comes out.

What other mode do we have for PUBG Mobile 0.18.0?

For those that want to try another new game mode other than Jungle Adventure, Safety Scramble is also here. Safety Scramble includes a new feature where the end-game zone within the real zone also hurts players until the end of the game.

The Jungle Adventure mode gives advantages to players who take initiatives rather than campers

This means that players can’t just camp down in a good spot and try to survive to get chicken dinner the easy way. 0.18.0 update has a lot for you to experience in just a few days before Season 13, but that’s a pretty good problem to have.

What is AceGold (AG) exactly?

On their patch notes, Tencent Games said that they added a new currency called AG (AceGold). After the update, all Silver rewards will be replaced with AG in events. However, this will not be implemented for events that started before the update.

Many of the items you can buy in the Shop will from now on be denominated under the new AG currency. When you don't have enough AG, UC can be used to make up for the difference.

An AG is roughly equivalent to .14 UC, meaning 7 AG equates 1 UC. This makes the basic Royale Pass cost roughly 4,200 AG or 600 UC, and the Elite Royale Pass costs roughly 12,600 AG or 1800 UC.

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