There's a lot of driving around in PUBG Mobile, either to get somewhere quickly, reposition yourself, or to run over some unaware enemy player. Normally, players only think about utilities when it comes to picking a vehicle, like speed, protection, the cover their vehicle provides, and so on.

Which is why the Golden Mirado in PUBG has come out for the latest 0.18.0 update, so you may not only find the right vehicle for your purpose but one with a lot of style and status. Let's look at how you can take the wheel of this fancy vehicle in the latest PUBG Mobile update here:

Where is Golden Mirado in PUBG?

For the new Mad Miramar event, the Golden Mirado will indeed be a rare find in the Mad Miramar event.

According to Tencent, "only 1 will spawn on the map so be the first to claim it and show off your riches in the desert!"

Mad Miramar, as one would expect, takes place on the rehauled Miramar 2.0 map that resembles a racetrack.

golden mirado location
The Golden Mirado has all the power and speed of the Mirado, with a gold-plated look

Because the Golden Mirado in PUBG is so hard to find, this would lead to players looking for it more than any other vehicle in the game. As one of the many players looking for the same rare Golden Mirado PUBG, how would you be the one to commandeer this vehicle? What you need are patience and thinking ahead.

Golden Mirado Location

Mirados are already difficult to come across out of all the PUBG Mobile vehicles out there and for good reason. The Mirado is a quality vehicle, so you won't see a great quantity of them. They are not just some regular ATVs whose only purpose is getting around quickly.

The Golden version is even more of a rare sight, so if you happen to find one at some point, give yourself some compliments because that's a major accomplishment by itself. But there is no official confirmation of where this vehicle may spawn, but we can still have a good guess of where it should be located.

In the regular version, the Golden Mirado PUBG can only spawn in the garage of Hacienda del Patron near San Martin. This indicates the same location in PUBG Mobile should spawn the vehicle as well.

PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar event

To begin finding the Golden Mirado location, simply participate in the new Mad Miramar event to try your luck. If you are interested in other things, then Mad Miramar comes with a lot more than just a rare golden-skinned Mirado.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update
The new update is bringing a lot of exciting new changes this year

Mad Miramar brings with it the rehauled Miramar 2.0 map, new emotes, new guns, new attachments, etc. Since Miramar is already a fan-favorite map, it is looking even better and more fun to play in thanks to the Mad Miramar update.

With the event, players will receive a Golden Mirado vehicle skin, the WIN94 with an attached 2.7x scope, new cheers emote, and so on. Usually, this amount of content only comes with paying for a Royale Pass. The 0.18.0 update has already arrived on May 7, meaning if you haven't enjoyed the new updates already you can do so now.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 start date

PUBG Season 13 should be starting on May 13, which should be easy to remember. Appropriately enough, the Season 12 Royale Pass will be expiring on May 12, which means you have only less than a week left to finish anything you haven't already.

pubg mobile season 13
A lot of new changes and updates are coming to the game in just a few weeks

'Toy Playground' will be the new theme to Season 13, which will be bringing more new things to the game like more outfits, customizations, a new character, new rewards, etc. You can read about what we know will be coming to the Season 13 Royale Pass here.

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