One of the biggest updates for PUBG Mobile this year, the 0.18.0 update, has been released onto the global server a few days ago. Season 13, its accompanied cosmetic upgrade patch, would be released tomorrow, May 13. The exact release time is expected to be 7:30 AM IST – after downloading a small in-game update, your Royal Pass section would be unlocked.

Season 13 Royale Pass would unlock a new male character named Andy, with a special ability that increases the drawing/holstering speed. This is pretty much useless, as you would not want to switch from a gun to another very frequently in a firefight.

Andy, the puppet master, does not look as cool as people expected.

The most welcome addition to this season is probably the introduction of the AG currency – it would act as a way for dedicated PUBG Mobile players to get premium items without having to spend more money. It would be pretty difficult to earn this currency, as you have to do a lot of specific royale pass challenges, achievements, and event quests to acquire it. Below are the challenge lists to acquire more AG:

  • Desert Tourist: Complete an array of missions in Miramar Classic - those are all related to the new additional features of the map such as the vending machines, Molotov cocktails, or Golden Mirado.
  • Scrambler: Win 5 Bluehole matches - this mode can be found in the arcade section.
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AG can be used instead of UC to purchase cosmetic items
  • Lifelong Learners: Play 30 Brother in Arms matches
  • Bullseye: Score more than 75 points 50 times in the Cheer Park
  • Communicator: Send 31 radio messages in the chat channel
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AG can be gained in events and battle royale milestones as well

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