Those loving PUBG Mobile in India are likely to know Soul Mortal and Dynamo Gaming, who are two famous streamers in the community right now. Both of them are exceptional players and choose PUBG Mobile as a worthy career path – and no doubt, it’s not something happening by chance when they started to take back a lot of fame and success thanks to such a passion.

Pubg Mobile Mortal Vs Dynamo
Soul Mortal vs. Dynamo Gaming - who is better at PUBG Mobile?!

Maybe you want to know who is better – Soul Mortal or Dynamo Gaming. Let’s do a quick comparison to see the differences between them and how skillful each one really is!

Soul Mortal

Nicknamed Mortal, Naman Mathur is a professional streamer who focuses on playing PUBG Mobile. This guy has impressed tons of audiences with not only well-played games but also his humble character. Mortal uses a smartphone in almost all battles against his opponents in PUBG Mobile and this 24-year-old gamer has mastered his splendid control by using 4-finger claw grip adeptly.

Pubg Mobile Soul Mortal
Soul Mortal fears no clutch situation at all.

You can find several clips of Mortal dealing with clutch situations, where he showed his gifted talent when facing multiple players at similar ranks and taking all them down with ease. In addition to an excellent game sense, he’s good at controlling different weapons, especially the DP-28, but sometimes his sniper skills are not that perfect.

Mortal owns more than 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. What a cool number!

Dynamo Gaming

Unlike Mortal, Aadii Sawant aka “Dynamo Gaming” plays most of his PUBG Mobile games on an emulator. This streamer also counts nearly eight million people as subscribers on his YouTube channel, making him have an enormous fan base to motivate himself.

Pubg Mobile Dynamo Gaming
Dynamo Gaming plays most of his PUBG Mobile games on an emulator.

That said, Dynamo Gaming also rises to fame thanks to his unique playstyle. He seems to be a born sniper, who always keeps calm in every situation, even the most intense ones or ending circles of the battle. Other weapons are also a piece of cake for Dynamo Gaming as he is very experienced in gaming. Prior to PUBG Mobile, this 24-year-old guy already took part in popular games like Battlefield, GTA V, and DOTA 2.

Soul Mortal vs. Dynamo Gaming - Who is better?

No messing around anymore, it’s time to put both of them on the table. Although both Mortal and Dynamo Gaming have enough skills to become PUBG Mobile professionals, Mortal may be the winner after all. His games are conducted through mobile devices like what you can see from professional PUBG Mobile tournaments, and even gained vast experience from Team Soul. However, it’s worth taking note that Dynamo’s combination of instincts and skillset will never let you down, believe me!