Halloween is coming and Tencent isn’t holding back off with the brand new event! The Spooky 2020 update is now live in PUBG Mobile. It introduces the “Halloweeks Mode,” a Halloween-themed mode on the classic Erangel map. On top of that, POWER4 has also arrived, bringing their debut track to the game. And do not forget the handsome collection of themed outfits of this Rock and Roll band. Let's dive in for more!

halloweeks update
The Halloweeks update is here!

Halloweeks Mode in Erangel

Prepare for a scary and spooky Halloween vibe in the Erangel map. In this mode, Zombie Camps will appear at four fixed locations. Players face wandering zombies and valuable crates along the way.

halloween Poster pubg mobile
Are you ready to scream?


The task is to eliminate the zombies and claim corresponding crates that provide valuable resources. On top of that, four new Roaming Bosses have a percentage of appearing at Zombie Camps. These guys are tough to take down. If they can close up on you and throw some punches, they will increase their energy. But defeating Roaming Bosses will definitely yield essential battle supplies.

Pubg Mobile Halloween
Indulge in the spooky vibe of the Halloween

Players can also occasionally find Night Mode matches.

Virtual Rock Band POWER4 Introduced in PUBG Mobile

The Spooky update also introduces the virtual rock band POWER4 to PUBG Mobile. Their debut track, "Nothing’s Getting In Our Way” is now available in the game. Players can get the POWER4 outfits in the metal rock theme. Exclusive Halloween outfits are also added to the in-game store.

Pubg Mobile Infection Mode
Try the Halloween Infection Mode

New Features in the Update

Apart from the events mentioned above, players can also experience the festive gameplay in Cheer Park Training Ground. It's one of the exclusive PUBG Mobile’s Halloweeks content updates. Try out the new Halloween Vehicle Upgrades skin and the "Hellfire" AKM as well as tons of other Halloween inspired outfits.  

Halloween-themed costumes
Grab the exclusive Halloween-themed costumes