With PUBG Mobile's prospects still seems full of gloom in India, it's the perfect time for domestic studios to take over the lions' share it leaves behind. After FAU-G was announced by nCORE, we now have another brand new title, MPL Rogue Heist.

mpl rogue heist 1
The graphics do look decent in the game

The game devs aim to make their creation the next big thing in the Indian mobile gaming industry. But the question is, whether MPL Rogue Heist has what it takes to become the best PUBG Mobile alternative?

MPL Rogue Heist Early Access Now Available on Google Play Store

MPL Rogue Heist is a team arena shooter where two teams fight against each other for kills and objectives in several modes. The game has quite a successful run on PC via Steam with favorable reviews. Perhaps the devs can build a quality mobile game on those first foundations.

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Check out MPL Rogue Heist on Google Play

The game will take a path like Garena Free Fire with the unlockable Operators, each comes with a special skill. You can get MPL Rogue Heist Early Access on Google Play Store. It's still under development, and devs will collect feedback from users to improve the gaming experience.

There are currently three available modes in MPL Rogue Heist:

Heist Mode

The Heist mode puts two teams in an arena to battle for the same objective through a series of events. It stresses the importance of teamwork as kills alone do not mean victory. Try to capture as many objectives with your teammates as possible.

R N Gun
Prepare for the heist

Brawl Mode

This mode is a free-for-all high-octane battle where players alone.  They have to get the most amount of money into their account to win the match. The objective is clear: gather as much money as you can. It also features a risk-reward system, so do play aggressively to loot more.

mpl rogue heist modes
Multiple game modes are awaiting!

Gang War Mode

The third mode is essentially the classic Deathmatch. It puts players in an aggressive match where they have to get as many kills as possible to win.

mpl rogue heist 6
Gather your friends and give the game a try!