YouTuber Ajey “CarryMinati” Nagar is famous for his epic humor and brutal roasts. In fact, he has proven himself to be one of the best roasters in India right now. His YouTube channel CarryMinaty current has over 6.4 million subscribers.

Ajey “CarryMinati” Nagar

After the success of his main channel, Carry started a new one called "CARRY IS LIVE" in which he shares videos of himself playing hot games in the market to showcase his skills. Naturally, PUBG Mobile is one of his current favorites. He often teams up with his friends in this game and often finishes with decent results. And recently, he achieved a pretty rare and impressive feat in PUBG Mobile.

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CarryMinati also has a separate channel dedicated to gaming called "CarryisLive". It currently has over 1.9 million subscribers

His gameplay was truly a treat to the eyes. Like many other PUBG Mobile players, Carry likes to use a Shotgun or a Sniper Rifle to kill his enemies.

Although the first couple of matches didn't end too well, the last one was simply phenomenal. He kept on eliminating enemies after enemies with an AWM. Clearly, Carry’s sniper rifle is just about as deadly as his humor. As soon as he got his hands on the rifle, he demonstrated some amazing skills.

The highlights of the stream are included in the video below. If you want to see his AWM action, watch from the 5-minute mark onwards.

As we all know, the only way to obtain an AWM in a classic match is to get it from an airdrop. Carry got it from a Flare Gun drop and immediately popped off, killing 10 enemies in just 1 minute.

Carry completely wrecked his enemies with every shot he took, and his comments and reaction only served to make a stream even more interesting.  In the end, he earned a well-deserved Chicken Dinner with a total kill count of 18. His expression said it all about how excited he was with this achievement.