There is no questioning that PUBG Mobile is a highly competitive game. Everyone wants to prove that they are the best to earn that Chicken Dinner, but that is easier said than done. It will take hundreds of hours of hard work and dedication if you want to hone your skills, perception, and response time or acquire deep knowledge of the game.

Still, sometimes a piece of advice, a strategy, or a pre-planned action can go a long way in helping you escape a sticky situation and become the last one standing. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of those difficult situations and what you can do to deal with them.

Pubg Mobile Bots
PUBG Mobile is a highly competitive game

The first thing to mention is positioning. Like with any other game of competitive nature, this plays a crucial part in PUBG Mobile and is often the difference between victory and defeat. Players who know how to rotate and change position are those who are more prepared to get out of troubles. If you master this, you can even overcome an entire enemy squad just by yourself.

So, as an example, let's imagine that you are now alone, surrounded by 4 enemies in a small town (or any place with buildings, for that matter). The very first thing you should do in order to position yourself right is to know the environment.

Pubg Mobile 1v4
Can you 1v4?

That, of course, means you should know how many buildings there are in the area. But more than that, you must thoroughly check out each and every building, each and every room. The word “thoroughly” is used here in the sense that you are expected to remember every door, window, and hiding spot there is.

Pubg Locations Analize
Take your time to acquire a thorough knowledge of the locations

You can also use a gun with a 3x scope and look out of the windows to analyze the surrounding and see if there is any spot with cover. Furthermore, check if there is any trick to get into a building without going through the doors. For example, in the School area, a player can easily reach the first or even second floor of the swimming pool building by climbing to the roof of the main building and jump down. Knowing these tricks not only protects you from surprise attacks from enemies but also gives you another route to escape or ambush them back as well.

So, you are probably thinking “Why must I learn so much about just one place?” Well, of course you do! You can’t just read a few lines of text and instantly become a god in PUBG Mobile. As mentioned, it’ll take hours of hard work.

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It'll take a lot of practice if you want to get good

Now here is why all of those things are important. If you end up in a 1v4 situation then knowing the layout of the area will help you pick a path where there is less resistance. Keeping track of the cover spots in the area means you can predict where the enemies are likely hiding and aiming at you from, which allows you to hide or return fire.

It’s always hard when you are cornered in a closed space, so knowing the creative escape route means you can avoid things like Molotov or grenades and can slip out right under the nose of the enemies without them even realizing it. If the circumstances allow it, you can even turn the tide and pick them off one by one.

But what about when you are in an open place? Well, the best approach would be to sync your movement with the blue circle, and only move when it shrinks. This allows you to always keep your eyes forward without worrying too much about your back.

Maxresdefault 5
If you must fight in an open area, use smoke to create cover.

That said, just blindly rushing around like a headless chicken won’t do you any good, which is where the map knowledge comes in handy. Always try to follow a route that you are familiar with, and whenever possible, fight enemies in areas you have good knowledge of. If forced to make a stand in an open field, use vehicles and smoke grenades to create at least some kind of cover.