Regardless of whether you are a veteran in PUBG Mobile or are new to the game, no one can claim that they always play perfectly. There is always room for improvement. Here, we have summarized some of the mistakes that PUBG Mobile players tend to make. If you are doing any of these, it’s highly recommended that you actively try to fix them as soon as possible. You’ll find your gameplay experience significantly improved once you do.

1. Unaware of early fights

Many players like to land in hot spots such as Pochinki, but some prefer to go for areas that are far from the center so they can find weapons and gear more safely. However, even if you land in secluded areas, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be the only one there. Someone else might have been there before you and waiting just around the corner. As a result, always stay on high alert if you don’t want to get eliminated before the real game even begins.

Pubg Landing
Always stay on high alert even when you land in secluded areas

2. Failing to keep track of the weapon's shooting mode

Every gun in PUBG Mobile has several firing modes, from single to auto to burst. Each of these modes is useful in some situations but might do more harm than good in others. For example, the Single mode is great for sniping, but it’s the absolute worst if you are caught in an ambush. You should always remember to keep track of which mode your gun is on and adjust to the circumstance at hand.

Pubg Mobile Smgs2
Keep track of your gun's current firing mode

3. Staying in one place even when enemies know where you are

A very common occurrence in the game is that you see an enemy, you shoot at them, they hide behind cover, then you stay in one place waiting for them to come out. This is not a wise move. Chances are, they’ll find another way to escape, or maybe even circle around to turn the table on you. This is not to mention that tunneling your vision into one place leaves you wide open to attacks from other players that might be passing by.

If your target hides, you should relocate as well. Doing so might give you a different angle to eliminate the enemy when they least expect it.

Pubg Reposition
Don't stay still if enemies know where you are

4. Shooting at players who are out of range

Many players tend to shoot at enemies immediately after spotting them, even when those enemies are miles away. This is something you should never do. For the majority of the time, you won’t be able to kill the enemies and end up giving away your position for nothing.

Pubg Shooting Range
Don't shoot at enemies that are out of range; it's very inefficient

5. Standing still while shooting

This is an incredibly common mistake, and if you are doing this, you should try to fix it right now. Something as simple as moving from side to side when you’re engaging an enemy in combat will give you a huge advantage. You’ll still be able to shoot at them, while it’s a lot harder for them to shoot at you. It might be a bit difficult to do on mobile, but it’s a skill that you should practice if you want to get better.

Pubg Stand Still
Don't ever stand still while shooting

6. Blindly rushing towards airdrops

Air drops contain a lot of high-quality loot that will significantly increase your chance of getting that chicken dinner, so it’s understandable for you to want to rush toward it as soon as possible. The thing is, you won’t be the only one. Many others would think the same, so confrontations will be unavoidable. If you focus all of your attention on the airdrop, you leave yourself vulnerable and will likely get killed while you’re busy looting. Thus, you should always make sure to clear the surrounding area first. Alternatively, you can use the crate as bait while you hide somewhere nearby to ambush those who come to get it.

Pubg Airdrop
Be sure to clear the surroundings before going for airdrops, or use them as baits.