PUBG Mobile is THE BIGGEST mobile game in India right now, as a recent study conducted by Quartz has proven. Not only is the game well-loved by casual gamers, but it has also gained massive success on the professional stage as well. Released just last March, PUBG Mobile has witnessed several major international tournaments which attracted millions of views.

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PUBG Mobile has seen some massive tournaments

PUBG Mobile owes much of its popularity to its simplicity and seamless game design, which provides players with an incredibly smooth experience. Additionally, it is also a good way for friends to connect with each other. But of course, as with any game of the competitive sort, everyone wants to find ways to get better, to win more chicken dinners, and here is a trick that might help you with that.

Now, due to the nature of the platform, the movements and shooting in PUBG Mobile is not as efficient as its PC counterpart. The game relies on tons of on-screen buttons for all of its actions. But many pro players have employed a technique of holding the phone called the “claw grip”. This allows them to play the game using more than just two fingers, without having to use additional accessories such as attachable triggers.

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As you can see from the picture above, with this technique, the 2 index fingers are placed on the top two corners of the phone, while the 2 thumbs are for controlling movements and looking. This might be very difficult at first, but once you’ve got used to it, you will find that this method is very rewarding. It essentially allows you to play with four fingers instead of two.

Pubg Claw Grip

In the settings here, you can see that all the crucial buttons like shooting, scoping and reloading are enlarged. The movement controls are set on the left side of the screen so that you can access them with your left thumb while your right remains free so you can use it to look around. The button for shooting has been put at the top right so you can use it with your right index finger. Likewise, the scoping button is on the top left for your left index finger. All other buttons are also reorganized for better accessibility.

Of course, this configuration is just an example. Don’t hesitate to experiment to find out the setup that most suits you. With enough practice with this trick, you will see yourself coming out on top a lot more often.

Pubg Claw Grip 2
Another claw grip setting