What an amazing turn we had on the final day of the Thug Invitational. Mega Stars and Fnatic have always been on the top 2 over the first two days. But as I mentioned in previous articles, anything could happen on the final day and other teams still have a chance to win if they can perform well on the last day.

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The final standings of the Thug Invitational tournament, team Blind won

Team Blind went from 4th place on Day 2 with 89 points to 1st place on Day 3 with 149 points. However, it was 7 Seas the team that surprised everyone the most. They were at 12th place with 55 points on Day 2. But then they got 2 Chicken Dinner and 30 kills on the last day and claimed 2nd place. No one could have thought that they could be able to do such a feat. Note that 7 Seas was just formed recently, but they have shown us that they were no small fry and other teams should watch out for them. RXN also made a comeback by climbing from 6th place to 3rd place in just one day.

As for MegaStars and Fnatic, they fell hard all the way to 4th place and 6th place after Day 3. ScOutOP only got 1 more kill for the whole day. Team SouL finished 14th place with 82 points and Entity Gaming went 16th place with 73 points.

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While scOutOP only got 1 kill on the final day, he was still among the top fraggers of the tournament

RxnGoldblade scored 11 kills on the final day, making him the top fragger of the tournament with 26 kills in total. Following him were the 2 members of team Blind, Psycho and Nick, who got 22 kills each. FinalBoss from team 7 Seas got 21 kills and scOutOP got 20 kills.

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