The second day of the PUBG Mobile tournament Thug Invitational, organized by 8Bit_Thug, has finished. The positions of the top 2 teams after Day 1 didn't change at all. Team MeagStars still kept their performance of Day 1 and led on top of the scoreboard with 48 kills, 1 Chicken Dinner, and 110 points in total. Fnatic still followed behind with the same number of kills, 48 kills, and 99 points in total. Maybe they could have even taken the top position if they managed to get 1 Chicken Dinner.

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Overall results after the second day of the Thug Invitational tournament
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Overall results after the second day of the Thug Invitational tournament

MG. Zed climbed from 5th place to 3rd place with 91 points in total. They still have a huge chance to become the champion if they can outplay the top 2 teams on the third day of the tournament. Let's not forget that they were the champion of the Villager Esports Pro Invitational recently. Team BLIND maintained their position in 4th place with 89 points, not too far behind from the top teams. Team Godlike in 5th place also had 89 points. So far, they are the only team that has 2 Chicken Dinner, but they don't have as many kills as other teams.

Team SouL actually did make some progressions and took 11th place, only 1 point behind Entity Gaming.

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sc0utOP is the top fragger so far with 19 kills

The top fraggers of the tournament so far are FNCscOutOP, MegaParadox, RxnGoldblade, PsychoBLIND, and BRAWLGabbar. The fans have expected no less for the star of Fnatic with 19 kills. ScOutOP is the best assaulter of Indian PUBG Mobile after all.

There is one final day of the tournament left for teams to fight for the top position. Who do you think will win the tournament? Check out the last day of the tournament on the live stream of 8Bit_Thug on NimoTV.