One of the more appealing aspects of PUBG Mobile compared to other games of its genre is its realism. Most mechanics like driving, moving, shooting, etc. function much like they would in real. However, one area where many players have struggled with is the recoil of weapons while shooting, so here are a few tips to combat that.

1. Crouch or prone before you shoot

This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book. It has been featured in many shooting games, so fans of the genre should be familiar with it. There is nothing complicated here: just go into a crouch or prone position before you shoot, and it will help reduce the recoil by a lot.

Pubg Crouch
Crouching or proning help improve accuracy in PUBG

2. Use Peek & Fire

To add to the point above, using the “peek” function further reduces the recoil of your gun. This works both while standing straight and crouching.

Pubg Peek
Peek & Fire is another trick that'll make you hit your target more often

3. Use burst mode or single fire mode

When using an automatic gun, people tend to forget that the auto mode increases recoil. So, switching to either burst mode or single fire mode will minimize this

Pubg Burst Mode
Don't forget to switch to burst or single fire mode

4. Understand the pattern and mechanics of each weapon

Each gun in PUBG Mobile functions differently and as a result has its own recoil pattern. Some will go higher or lower, while some move to the left or right while you shoot. Knowing the pattern of your weapon is the key to improve accuracy. If you are new to the game and unfamiliar with the weapons, you can go to the practice mode, pick a gun you like, and start firing at a wall to find out which direction it tends to move to. Then, you can further practice to adapt to that.

Pubg Training Mode 840x473
The Training mode is a great tool. Use it!

5. Equip the right attachments to your guns

PUBG Mobile provides you with many attachments such as grips and compensators to reduce recoil, so finding them and put them on your gun is going to help a lot.

Pubg Attachment
Make the most out of the attachments to improve your weapons

6. Adjust camera settings

Sometimes the issue lies not in your skills but in the setting of the game. You can open the Settings Menu and go to Sensitivity to adjust many things like Scopes, red dot and aim assist.

Pubg Mobile Controls
You can adjust many things in the Settings menu