PUBG UC carding method 2020 is a method to buy more UC with less money. You need to k know some tips and tricks to get more cheap UCs to go shopping in this game. It's also an illegal method in India to get unlimited UC but many players still prefer to use it because of great benefits. Check out how to use the PUBG UC carding method 2020 free for unlimited cheap UC here with

How To Use PUBG UC Carding Method 2020?

UC, standing for Unknown Cash, is one of four main currencies in PUBG and PUBG Mobile. You can use this in-game money to buy Elite Pass, join pay-to-play spins and event and get exclusive rewards, and go shopping in this game. To use this carding method, you need some useful stuff so that you get cheap UC with this method. Here are things you need to use the PUBG UC carding trick for more cheap UC in PUBG Mobile.

First, you need a credit card to pay for free UC. You also need a virtual private network and an iOS device. It can be an iPhone or iPad, based on your preference and budget. Besides, you need an Apple ID, a PUBG Mobile app on Android, or iOS devices with a PUBG Mobile account.

PUBG Uc Carding Method
PUBG UC Carding Method Is Illegal. You Can Get Banned When The PUBG Mobile Team Detect Your Cheat.

If you don't have an Apple ID and an Apple device, you can use Android devices and buy UC from Google Play Store. But sometimes, you will get trouble with the transaction and have to change the Gmail ID.

PUBG UC Carding Method 2020 - Steps & Tricks

After having a valid credit card with a good PIN, you enter the card information in Google Play Store or App Store. You are required to provide some details of the card, such as the Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV, Adress, and Name of the card owner. Next, you have to do shopping to verify the card. For example, you can buy a song on iTunes.

Uc Shop Items Pubg Mobile
UC, standing for Unknown Cash, is one of four main currencies in PUBG and PUBG Mobile.

Then, you can buy carding UC with that shopping account. You open the PUBG Mobile app on your device, choosecarding UC buy, and select the UC package you want to purchase. Next, choose to pay the bill on the Play Store or App Store in which you registered with the credit card.

PUBG UC Carding Method 2020 Tricks For iOS Users

For iOS users, you fill in the form of payment method in the Apple ID Setting section. After confirming the card details, you restart your iPhone or iPad. Then, you buy a song or movie in the iTunes Store to verify the card information and wait for 4 hours before buying UC with this method. PUBG Mobile players can buy up to 40,000 UCs with only Rs. 4,000.

Pubg Mobile Uc
You can get a lot of UC at lower prices with this cheat. But you have to take the risk of getting a life-time ban when using it.

PUBG UC Carding Method Tricks For Android Users

For Android users, it's very easy to use this method and get cheap UC. Before purchasing cheap UC from carding UC seller, you need to remove all your Google Account from that device. Then, create a new Google account with the information on the credit card you use for payment.

Uc Shop Pubg Mobile
Players can buy a lot of exclusive and stunning outfits, items, characters, and more with UC

After entering the payment method details, you also restart your device and wait for 4 hours. Then, it's ready for you to purchase cheap UC from the Google Play Store. Keep in mind that the PUBG UC carding method 2020 is an illegal activity in PUBG Mobile. So, you can still get banned if the anti-cheat system detects your cheat.

Other Safe Ways To Get Limited Free UC In PUBG Mobile

If you are not willing to take risks for unlimited UC by hacking or using illegal methods, you can get limited free UC in some other ways. The most popular safe app that a lot of PUBG Mobile players prefer is Google Opinion Rewards. It's very easy to use and get online money to buy UC. You don't need to spend real cash or money from your bank to buy UC.

This app is available for download in the Google Play Store. After installing the app, you do the survey to get online money. Then, the money will be sent to your wallet in Google Play Store fur purchasing apps or UC. After that, you also open the PUBG Mobile app and choose the UC package to buy. Then, choose the option of Google Play Balance to use the online money you earn from Google Opinion Rewards to pay the bill.

Another way to get free UC is by buying the Elite Pass. Many players will say they still have to pay UC to get the Elite Pass. However, this investment gives you more than UC. You also get a lot of exclusive rewards that you cannot buy from the crate. Moreover, you can also get back the amount of UC you invest in the Elite Pass to purchase other things.

Pubg Mobile Uc Elite Pass
Invest in the Elite Pass to get free UC back

A tip for Android users is combining these two methods. I mean you do the survey to earn online money and buy enough UC for the Elite Pass. Then, you should buy the Elite Pass to get UC back for further shopping.

These are things to know about the PUBG UC carding method 2020 as well as some safe ways to get free UC. Keep in mind that using the carding method is an illegal activity. So, you need to consider the risk and benefit before using it. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let's visit our website.