Over the past months, the Indian Free Fire community has been taken by storm by the news about a new Free Fire diamond top up center on RazorPay, which is introduced to be the Free Fire cheapest diamond top-up website in India. However, as many players are skeptical about the legitimacy of this website, here is the truth about RazorPay Free Fire diamond all players need to know

Free Fire Razorpay
Razorpay is a popular website where players can get diamond top up easily at a cheaper price. However, is it safe to top up on this website?

What is RazorPay Free Fire diamond top up?

While RazorPay is well-known as an acclaimed payment solution company in India, Free Fire RazorPay top up center is promoted as the new top-up website for Free Fire players at a super cheap price.

In fact, there are different diamond top up pages powered by RazorPay. Each provides different prices. While players can only buy 80 diamonds with Rs 50, they are promised to have up to 150 diamonds for the same amount of money spent on RazorPay. It means that the page provides nearly 100% offers to players. That is impossible in all other legit Free Fire top up websites in India.

While these RazorPay pages claim to be the partner of Garena Free Fire, there are many controversies about this payment platform you need to know. Is it true that they are all verified and trusted top up centers for players? Keep reading to find out the answer!

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Free Fire Razorpay 2
One among several Free Fire diamond top up center Razorpay

Razorpay Free Fire diamond top up: Real or fake?

While the page offers the cheapest diamond rate that you might ever get, the sad news about it is that Free Fire diamond top up on RazorPay is likely to be an unlegit website. Although Garena has yet to make any official statement on it, here are the main reasons why you should stay away from Free Fire diamond top up on RazorPay.

1. No diamonds added

Obviously, the shocking prices drew the attraction of many players who decided to give it a try with RazorPay. However, many of them were left disappointed as they did not receive any diamonds after the transaction completed.

According to what is claimed on the website, diamonds will be sent to your account within 24 hours after making a successful purchase. However, many players waited desperately for days but there are no diamonds being added to their accounts.

Free Fire Diamonds Price
Is it worth it to top up from an untrusted website just to get a lower diamond price?

2. Fake Service center

While it can be noticed that there is an email address of the service center, the email domain belongs to Gmail instead of Garena or RazorPay. It means that anyone can put up an email like that. However, the biggest part about the email problem is that the email provided on the website is invalid. We tried to contact the service center via the address Freefirecenter@gmail.com and this is what we received:

Free Fire Top Up Razorpay
The email address provided by Free Fire payment gateway on RazorPay is invalid

If you have a thorough understanding of RazorPay, you will find out that they only provide online payment solutions for businesses. It means that any company or organization that meets some basic requirements can open up a payment gateway on RazorPay. It means a Free Fire top-up center can be created on RazorPay without the permission of Garena.

With a vague legitimacy, it’s better not to spend your money on Free Fire top-up centers on RazorPay. There are many other Free Fire top-up websites in India that are verified and trusted. Everything comes at a cost, be a smart buyer!

Hope that this article has cleared the doubts around RazorPay Free Fire diamond top up. Instead of taking risks with the untrusted top up platforms, players should only purchase diamonds from authorized Free Fire top up centers. Some of the best top up centers in Indian are Games Khariod, Google Play Store, CodaShop and SeaGM. These platforms also have many offers so that you can get a reasonable price when topping up diamonds for your games.

Above is all you need to know about RazorPay Free FIre diamond tip up India. Visit our website Gurugamer.com for more interesting news about Free Fire and other popular games around the world.

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