For the past few months, Games Kharido has become the hottest keyword among Indian Free Fire gamers. Being introduced to be the official diamond top-up platform of Garena in India, it has taken everyone by storm for releasing 100% bonus to every player in the first-time top up. In case you want to know about Games Kharido In App and how to use it, keep scrolling down for the details.

Games Kharido In App
How to get diamond bonus with Games Kharido In App, here is everything you need to know

What is Games Kharido

At the moment, Games Khariod is considered to be the Free Fire cheapest diamond top up website in India thanks to the lucrative deal it offers. The website is put up by Garena itself while it shares the same payment gateway with CodaShop. It makes the process easier for players to top up diamonds in-game and offers several payment methods. Just by going through a few steps, players can purchase diamonds for the game shortly. In addition to that, as a verified top-up center, players do not have to worry about the risk of losing their money on online scams like in many other websites.

Apart from the website which is getting more and more popular in India, many players wonder if they can get the Games Kharido In App Free Fire download for their mobile phones.

How to get Games Kharido In app

In fact, Games Kharido is a web-based platform that allows players to purchase Free Fire diamonds easily. As the Games Kharido In App is unavailable, there is no way of downloading the app to your mobile. The only way to get access to the top up center is by visiting the website as in the following link.

Please be reminded that Kharido app top up is not available at the moment, you should not download any Games Kharido in APK file from any sources as the files are all fake and you can face the risk of getting viruses from untrusted downloads.

Anyway, we still think that having a Game app a great idea to support players who want to get diamond top up frequently. Hope that Garena may soon release a similar app in the future not only for Indian players but crores of players around the world.

Free Fire Games Khaurido 100 Top Uo
Games Kharido, one of the most popular Free Fire diamond top up websites in India

How to top up diamonds with Games Kharido

Although you cannot get Games Kharido In app, it’s quite convenient and easy to use the website in order to purchase diamonds. At the moment, all new players who top up on the platform for the first time will get an offer of 100% diamond bonus. The best thing about it is that there is no limitation of the bonus and you can get up to 5600 diamonds at a time.

Here is the detailed instruction on Games Kharido In App 100 bonus you need to know:

  • Visit the website with the Garena Games Kharido with the address mentioned above
  • Provide your exact Free Fire ID or your linked Facebook account so the system can detect your game account
  • Choose how many diamonds you want to buy. Given the fact that the 100% bonus promotion is only applicable for the first-time top up, it’s better to get as many diamonds as possible.
  • Select the payment method that you’re available for. You will see 3 main different methods including PayTM, NetBanking and UPI.
  • Recheck the information to make sure all are correct. Click Process the payment to continue
  • You will be directed to CodaShop payment gateway. All you need to do is to confirm the payment as usual and complete it.

After making a successful payment, the diamonds you bought (including the bonus ones) will be added automatically to your Free Fire account. You can come back to the game to check.

In case you get any trouble using the Games Kharido In App and do not get any diamonds although money was deducted from the bank account, reach out to Garena Service Center. Remember to provide all of your information and the screenshot of the transcript to get your problem solved as soon as possible.

Apart from Games Kharido In App, there are also several ways to get Free Fire diamond top up in Inda. Check out all available and trusted websites where you can buy diamonds at a reasonable price: Garena Free Fire: How To Get FREE Diamonds Top-Up Websites (Games Kharidos, Codashop, SEAGM)

Above is all you need to know about Games Kharido In App and how to use it to get 100% diamond bonus. Visit our website for more interesting news about Free Fire latest news and helpful tips and tricks.

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