Among the most popular mobile games in India, Free Fire is no doubt the biggest one in terms of the number of users and user spending. While many players are devastated looking for Free Fire cheapest diamond top up or free diamonds, there is a more convenient and provident way to spend less money and get more diamonds. What we’re talking about is none other than Free Fire weekly membership top up India. Take a look at the benefits you get and decide whether to invest your money in.

Free Fire Weekly Membership Top Up India
Free Fire Weekly Membership Top Up India gives you a special offer to make the best out of your money

Free Fire weekly membership top up India offer: Why it’s better?

Apart from top up diamonds from the in-game store as usual, players who are frequently indeed of Free Fire diamond can also go with a wiser option: getting the Free Fire weekly membership to top up India. The package can be simply understood as you will need to prepay the diamonds and get parts of them added every day within a week.

Here is the benefit you will get from purchasing the weekly membership in Free Fire:

  • Get 60 diamonds every day within a week (receiving 420 diamonds in total)
  • Getting a Special Weekly Card VIP Icon

Given the fact that a one-week membership in Free Fire costs Rs 159, this is a super profitable deal for players who need to top up diamonds frequently. It means that you will only get 200 diamonds for spending Rs160 on the usual top up, a membership purchase can give you double diamonds which is apparently a huge advantage.

The offer is even getting bigger for players who top up for the first time. According to Garena Free Fire, players will get a 30% discount for the first membership top up. It means that you will only need to pay Rs 100 for a whopping 420 diamonds. Such a great chance that no one can miss.

Free Fire Weekly Membership Top Up India
By purchasing the weekly membership, you get 220 diamonds more for spending the same amount of money

How to get Free Fire weekly membership top up India

With a huge benefit, players have no reason to say no to a weekly membership top up. In addition to that, purchasing a weekly membership top up India is quite easy that it only takes you a few minutes. However, if you don’t want to land in trouble, it’s better to read the instruction carefully before getting started.

  • Open the game home screen, tap on the diamond icon to go to the top up section
  • Choose the Membership tab on the left column
  • Choose the type of Membership you want to purchase (weekly or monthly)
  • Please note that there is a small subscription checkbox under the weekly membership box. In case you check the subscription mode, your weekly membership will be automatically renewed after 7 days.
  • Tap on the price button to continue the process.
  • Choose the payment process you’re available for (Google Pay balance, credit/debit card, UPI, or Netbanking)
  • Confirm your payment and recheck if the membership is successfully purchased.

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Weekly Membership In Free Fire
There are various way to make your payment complete on Google Play Store

Once completing the top up, you will see the blue membership card icon on the right of the diamond icon. In addition to that, 60 diamonds will be added to your account at 3 AM every day in the next 7 days.

Apart from Free Fire weekly membership top up India, Garena also offers a monthly membership package which comes at Rs 599. According to that, you will earn 238% more than the regular top-up. According to Free Fire, players will receive 100 instandly after making the purchase. In addition to that, they will also receive 60 diamonds every day within the next one month. However, the most special benefit of it which makes many players want to purchase the monthly package is that the AK- Gold Coated gun skin is given away as a bonus prize.

As the process of purchasing Free Fire monthly membership top-up India is just the same as the weekly one, you can consider the benefits of the two packages and pick the one you’re most into.

Check out more details about how to purchase Free Fire weekly and monthly memberships it in the following videos:

Above is all you need to know about how to save your money and get more diamonds with Free Fire weekly membership top up India. In general, this is the best deal you can get in the game to get diamonds at a cheap price. In addition to that, there are also some other websites with huge promotions that you should take a look: Garena Free Fire: What Are The Best Sensitivity Settings For Lesser Recoil?