If you are bored and want to find a new game to play on your phone, the MMORPG RebirthM from Korean developer Caret Games is something you should take into consideration.

The first impression that RebirthM gives players is that it is absolutely gorgeous. Set in a mythical land of heroes and magic, it will take your breath away with its sheer visual quality. From towering dragons to giants wearing huge swords and enormous tarantulas, everything is beautifully rendered and it shows in even the smallest of details. In fact, if you look at the trailer of the game without knowing what it is, you might even mistake it for a new console game. Check it out for yourself:

Then comes the combat system, which is equally impressive with four different classes to choose from. There is the fierce Berserker who overpowers enemies with giant weapons, the lithe Slayer that favors a quicker, more agile approach, the Wizard – master of magic, and the Ranger who is a master of long-range combat with bow and arrow. Needless to say, each of the classes has its own collection of skills and a distinct playstyle. No matter what your preference is, you can surely find something that suits you.

Rebirth M 1

RebirthM also offers tons of content to play through. Besides the main storyline and numerous side quests, there is an Elite Dungeon Challenges Mode for you to test your limit. If you have played other RPGs before, you are probably familiar with this mode. It is basically a series of boss battles with increasing difficulties. Of course, these great challenges come with great rewards for those who can overcome them.

Being an MMORPG, PvP is another indispensable aspect of RebirthM, and it comes in multiple forms as well. There are the traditional 1v1 fights, guild wars, and a battle royale-style mode in which you try to be the last person standing.

Rebirth M 2

If you are interested, check out RebirthM on Google Play or the App Store.