Coming from Brilliant Games & Hex Entertainment – the same studios behind the acclaimed Hex: Shards of Fate - Red and Blue is an upcoming strategy-based card game that’s described as “groundbreaking” and aspires to “shake the foundations of the genre." So yeah, this is certainly an ambitious title. Check out its trailer below:

The premise of the game is not exactly something you haven’t seen before: A strange rift to a mysterious and potentially perilous dimension has appeared. In search of wealth, knowledge, power, and glory, you decide to set out on a little adventure to see what’s inside. Of course, you are just one of the many who have come up with such ideas, and soon all sorts of goodies and baddies are duking it out for a share of what this strange world has to offer.

Red And Blue Ios Artwork Key Art
The premise seems pretty straightforward

A typical match involves 2 players battling for dominance using creatures, spells, and items – pretty standard for a card game. However, Red and Blue will reportedly put a stronger emphasis on area-based gameplay in order to deliver "new layers of strategic depth”.

The board is divided into 3 separate areas where units can be placed independently. If you want to get to the hero, you will have to battle your way through the defenses of your opponent in that area. As the match drags on, you'll also be able to upgrade your areas, which will grant various benefits. There are traps that you can place around the map to give yourself an advantage as well.

Red And Blue 2
The board is divided into 3 separate areas

Red and Blue boasts over 750 cards to collect at launch, complemented by tons of items, spells, and traps to play with. With such a huge number, there will be virtually countless ways for you to customize your deck and tailoring your own playstyle.

The game is expected to hit both Android and iOS in the second quarter of this year, though no release date has been confirmed as of yet. It certainly seems promising, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for this one. Stay tuned for more updates!