Riot, with its League of Legends money, has been trying to expand in other directions instead of just pouring money into the prize pool of LoL like its competitor did with Dota 2. That was the actual reason behind their multiple game projects based on the League Universe. From a Hero Shooter, RPG, Platformer… and finally a Card Game – looks like the company has covered all their bases. Based on a recent announcement, it looks like Riot’s card game project is finally coming out of the woodwork.

How To Play Legends Of Runeterra
While similar to Hearthstone and Artifact, Legends of Runeterra can definitely stand on its own

Legends of Runeterra, based on various accounts from testers, shares a striking resemblance to both Hearthstone and Artifact. The game will go into open beta and available for anyone to download on Jan 24.

Lor Level
A huge roster of cards based on characters in League of Legends

The most anticipated addition to the open beta is the various new features related to matchmaking such as friend list, friendly match, ranked matchmaking. Furthermore, on the visual side, there would be new guardians and boards along with changes to over twenty cards. This would be the first-ever ranked season of Legend of Runeterra – a beta season that would end at the game’s final debut. All accounts would be reset upon this Open beta, however, there won’t be any more resets afterward. Everything you earn after Jan 24 would be kept.

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Card effects in action

The open beta of Legends of Runeterra will startup one day earlier for people who have beta tested for the game, or registered on the home page of the game before Jan 20. By playing the beta, you would additionally get a Moonstruck Poro Guardian when the game is officially released (which would probably be later this year). The changelog for the open beta patch would be released two days prior to the update.

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