Are you a fan of Diablo 2 or Path of Exile? Looking for a quality ARPG experience while on the go? Guess what? You are in luck, as Raziel: Dungeon Arena is here to relieve that dungeon-crawling crave… for a competitive price of 0 Rupees. Players who download the game in the first two weeks after the launch would get the Paladin Hero "Bison Arlen" for Free. This is a limited bonus and would be removed afterward, so be fast!

Screen 0
The amount of content that Raziel has is unreal

The game launches today for Android and iOS, featuring an old school classic hack & slash experience - with slick graphics and studio-quality sound. Players who love solo questing will enjoy exploring over 60 story mode dungeons with challenging boss battles. Want to team up with friends? There is a multiplayer mode for that as well.

What about the high production value we just mentioned? Well, Raziel has much more flair than the usual badly translated Chinese flick that we often see on the game market. The single-player story mode is narrated by a fully voiced in-game comic, along with a top-tier original soundtrack. Character models, graphics and world are also meticulously cared for and the variety is insane, comparing favorably to other games that usually use reused assets.

Raziel: Dungeon Arena download links

Bison Prereg
The Paladin Bison Arlen would be given for free to all players who download the game in the first 2 weeks

Now, without further ado, let’s dive deeper into Raziel’s Features:

Satisfying Single-Player Experience

Raziel comes packed with a generous number of challenging single-player dungeons that require you to actually think instead of just tapping the attack button.

Screen 1
Casting skills in Raziel is very satisfying

Dangerous bosses actually pose a threat to the players - as they can inflict various status effects like stun, bind, burn, freeze with their skills… You have to adapt and think on your feet to survive.

Screen 4
The skill tree in Raziel is Huge

A well-designed mob AI actually reacts to players based on their strengths and weaknesses - ranged foes will stay behind with melee fighters covering their attacks.

Screen 3
A single hero can be built in multiple ways

Co-Op Dungeons

There are 2 variants of multiplayer Co-op in Raziel - you can either explore the world and finding quests with friends or form a raid party and take on dungeons. Furthermore, that raid party can also be used to challenge bosses in Tavern boss battle quests.

There are tons of challenges with many difficulties that you can complete

Tag team battle system

Unlike the usual ARPG where you only have one character, in Raziel, you get to use 2 heroes at the same time by switching them in and out. Each hero has its own unique array of abilities and gear, of course.

Screen 2
Each character has their own inventory and equipment - the customization is pretty robust, with 8 slots for each character

Mix and match the various heroes to create the best combo and deal with any kind of enemy you meet. For example, you can beat up melee mobs with a melee hero, then turn into a ranged hero to snipe those hard-to-reach ranged foes.

The huge hero roster in Raziel - you get to use a tag team of 2 characters

Stunning Unity 3D Graphics 

Thanks to the Unity engine, everything in this game is depicted in eye-catching detail, from the world and its dungeon environments to the characters and their abilities. And the best part is that there are just so many of them! Various landscapes in the world of Raziel, from dismal swamps to desert plateaus and haunted forests, await your exploration.

Statue Haunted Forest Shrine Dungeon Graveyard

AAA Quality Sound

Detailed sound effects make every strike you land and every skill you cast SATISFYING!

The soundtrack and voice acting in this game are top-notch. You’ll experience a full-length soundtrack while exploring the world and its dungeons - with unique “battle music” whenever a boss appears. Both story narration and NPCs are fully voiced

Gameplay video

Below are Raziel's beta gameplay and its robust character system - you would definitely not be disappointed.