You are probably aware that Free Fire is getting a big update in a few days, on September 22. Amongst the new contents that are getting added to the game, the new version of the fan-favorite Bermuda map, Bermuda Remastered, is going to be most hyped for. Prior to this, Garena has given the fans some sneak peeks of the 4 new locations (Hydropower, Fisherman's Creek, Academy and Samurai's Garden) through the clash squad mode... but that's not nearly enough, as there are a lot more changes to other spots on the map.

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In this article, we would go through all the changes in the landmarks on Bermuda Remastered.

1 - Samurai's Garden


A large compound filled with Japanese style buildings and cherry blossom trees, the symbol of Japan. The location is not too big, with small buildings and loot scattered all in the open. The place is formerly known as Yagami's Garden.

2 - Cape Town


The tourist attraction Cape Town mostly stays the same... with a few minor visual changes.

3 - Mill


Several small changes have been made in this place, including fences, roads, stones...

4 - Katulistiwa


Many changes have been made to this location, including a slight name fix. It is used to be Khatulistiwa, with an "h".

5 - Observatory


The Observatory has undergone several visual changes only, as it is one of the most popular locations in Free Fire because of Clash Squad. The fans like it too much for it to be changed.

6 - Clock Tower


This location has been modified quite a lot, with new buildings and more covers added.

7 - Academy

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This location replaces the Graveyard in normal Bermuda. The Academy is super well designed, with beautiful landmarks and a symmetrical layout.

8 - Hydropower

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Otherwise known as Nurek Dam - this is a completely new structure in the bay. Overall, looting the place is pretty risky as people can shoot onto it from various vantage points in the surrounding.

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