Cure Hunters is a brand new action-platformer coming later this month. The game takes place in a future context, when Earth is the landing point of a mysterious meteor from outer space. A kind of epidemic has been rooted in this meteorite and spread to everyone around the world. This virus has spread so rapidly that most of the planet's population is infected.

An elite army called Cure Hunters was formed and commanded by General "Vaccinez". Their main task is to find a cure and prevent the extinction of humanity. Players will be playing as one of the members of this squad, namely Dr. Dellton. He has just approached the infected area to do the mission and you need to help him and his teammates survive and complete various tasks.

Cure Hunters Studios
Cure Hunters is a new pixel-based 2D platformer from Lucky Kat Studios

Cure Hunters is a retro shooting game. The combination of arcade games, pixel graphics and familiar rock tracks on gaming consoles in the 90s gives players a sense of nostalgia. If you love games like Contra and Metal Slug, Cure Hunter is really a game you shouldn't miss.

The player will control Dr. Dellton and the rest of the team to fight all sorts of different monsters, passing through the infected areas. In the beginning, the player will be given the basic pea gun, but you will get different types of guns as you progress. Each gun has different special features that help you easily destroy different targets.

Cure Hunters
Many new characters waiting for you to unlock

Aside from stepping into the shoes of Dr. Dellton, players also have the opportunity to experience other characters by unlocking them. Each character has their own weapons and powers, so each new one you unlock promises a new experience. In particular, there are some characters that have an infected version, which allows you to use much more powerful and special skills.