Beat Cop is a retro adventure game from developer Pixel Crow. It first came out on PC in March 2017, and is now making its way to Android devices.

The protagonist of the game is Jack Kelly, a disgraced police detective of New York City. After being falsely accused of murder and theft, Kelly was demoted to a beat cop (A police officer tasked with patrolling the streets). Now, in this new role, he will have to fulfill the duty of a police officer, while at the same time try to find ways to prove his innocence. The game takes place in the 80s, so it is fitting that it uses pixel-art graphics.

Beat Cop Launch Trailer

In Beat Cop, you will control Jack Kelly to patrol the streets of New York City. Every day, your boss will give you a list of tasks that need to be done, and comment on how you performed the day before. These tasks take on multiple forms, from speaking to the owner of a particular store, to being at a specific location at a specific time to make arrests, and more.

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Perform your duties by handing out tickets for parking violation

However, as you patrol the streets, you will encounter many extra problems that demand your attention, such as minor thefts or random incidents. The idea is that you have to manage your time efficiently, choose what tasks to do and what to skip, since doing all of them is just not possible. What you choose to do will determine what kind of cop you are too. You can be an incorruptible protector of justice, or you can accept bribes to turn a blind eye to criminal activities. Moreover, there are 2 rival gangs in the game: The Italian Mafia, and The Crew, a black street gang. Each will ask you for favors, such as causing troubles for the other. Depending on your actions, your reputation with them will change, and that will affect the game. Overall, Beat Cop is a non-linear story game many endings and side stories.

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There will be many incidents when you play

Beat Cop is not kid-friendly though. There are tons of swearing, racism, sexism, drug use and corruption in the game. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, however, so don’t get offended. If you want to get Beat Cop on your phone, it is available for pre-registration right now. Check it out on Google Play.

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There is mild racism, but don't take it too seriously