Many of you must have heard at least once about the gorgeous sci-fi mystery game, Returner 77. The mobile game Returner Zhero is the sequel to it. Similar to its prequel, once again, you will find yourself on an alien spaceship, trying your best to solve puzzles and unravel the mystery. All of those actions serve one ultimate purpose: save the whole human race.

Here's the teaser of the game:

Returner Zhero is a touching story about friendship and sacrifice, in which you will take on the role of a scientist who risks everything to study more about aliens. With beautiful 3D graphics and immersive cinematic gameplay, it will surpass your expectation of what a mobile game can look like.

Exploring the whole new land

Returner Zhero can be considered among the most intriguing first-person and adventure games that have been released recently. However, there were some small issues in the game after its launch, which is obviously not what the developer wants. Therefore, they have just released a major update for the game. This “Final cut” update not only fixes almost all of the issues but also brings more content to the game.

Many levels to discover

The update is now out, introducing many improvements for in-game controlling as well as the story. Thanks to it, the game is now much more enjoyable than before. The newly-added content brings us a lot of extra details and information about the game, which helps further improve the experience.

One of the many additions is the new levels as well as puzzles for players to solve. Furthermore, there is the brand new story content, a new system for collectibles and much more. All of those add more depth to the game. The in-game graphics are also improved. For those who have a high-end device, get ready to be surprised and amazed by how the game will look after the update.

There are a lot of puzzles waiting for you to solve

You can now purchase Returner Zhero on App Store. We highly recommend this game to players who are keen on first-person puzzle games like The Witness. If this is your favorite game genre, Returner Zhero will definitely not let you down.

The Final Cut's trailer: