We have written about Monsters with Attitude and its giant monster before it's release, you could find our article here. Now it has been a month since then and the game was released so we get back to it again and give you a full review on how the game is.

Coming from Flaregames is the brand new Monsters with Attitude that is basically a boosed up level of an IO model gameplay. You could also call it IO game on a high dose of steroid. It is a combination of Monsters Inc and Godzilla vs. Gigan if you are imaginative enough. So as of the result, we have a very impressive and unique game.

More than just an IO game

The main mechanic of this game is fairly simple: you will take on the role of a monster looking to destroy the beautiful planet, the more you destroy the bigger and meaner you will become. And your opponents will be monsters just like you ( real players or AI-controlled) which make it very impressive in IO way.

And in a true IO gameplay, you could hit and dash those monsters surrounding you to steal some of that sweet sweet energy. But remember that you can only steal from those that are smaller than you. Size is all that matter in this game.

There is also a huge list of boosts which you could collect around the map. The variety is huge, from the boost that pumps you up a bit to destructive bombs boost. Those will come in handy on your comeback or domination journey. Use them well to entertain yourself at the expense of the well-being of your opponents.

So all the things that I have mentioned above are quite familiar, right? Yes, because it is a glorified IO game. But Monsters with Attitude bring everything to a whole new level.

The RPG elements

We could notice a little bit of RPG spice in the whole mix of this game, this spice makes the dish much more interesting and fun.

The RPG factor in this game is that there is a leagues system and you have to work your way up the league's ladder. And to unlock monsters you will play with an unboxing gacha system that will be enabled after an amount of game time. Then, you have to spend your time to make them better, meaner and bigger.

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The monsters

All the monster will have different unique power which could be used throughout the game. but there are also cards and money to purchase more skills to boost. All of these features are what bring the IO formula to this new level both in term of fun and complexity.

One thing that I have to mention is that Monster with Attitude looks far better in comparison with the normal IO games. Its graphic is absolutely stunning. Everything in this game from the planet to the monsters was designed with amazing attention to every detail.

Animations, shapes, colors... all are amazing and will put you in the mood that none of the games in its category capable of.

Free-2-Play but not Pay-2-Win

By the way, Monster with Attitude is a free-2-play game so you have to expect some IAPs come packed with it. Luckily, the approach of the developers in this game is not so intrusive so this is not a Pay-2-Win game. Surely, if you pay you'll get upgrades and cards faster and as a result have more chance to win but if you don't want to pay then there is nothing that forces you to.

Review Of The Mobile Game Monsters With Attitude 0

Talking about the overall, a considerable amount of goodies and timers are offered in the game. The timers will be used to unlock the crates ( with the time mark of 3,6 and 9 hours). As of the moment I am happy with my performance in this game and I haven't paid for anything yet.

One more important aspect of this game is multiplayer. In those IO games, you usually go against AI bots. Even though that is not very easy but that still nothing ccomparedto competing against real players. And in Monsters with Attitude, the player base is on a whole new level.

In short, I love this game and just can't get enough of it. The game is now available for download from App Store and Google Play.