Revue Starlight Re Live is coming to the West

Based on the popular anime with the same back in 2018, Revue Starlight Re Live is a mobile game of A Team Inc. The Japanese version of the game was released back in October of last year in Japan. This year, a partner of A Team Inc - Bushiroad is bringing this game to the west. They plan to release at the end of this month. In fact, the pre-registration of this game is already open right now. If you sign-up for this pre-registration you will have the chance to receive all the Seisho Stage Girls if there are enough 90,000 people registered.

Revue Starlight Re Live It Is Coming To The Wester
Character selection

About Revue Starlight anime

The Revue Starlight is a manga/anime series that revolves around a group of popular music and song dances around the world. Karen and Hikari promised each other when they were young because someday they would stand on the stage together. Time passed, and now they are 16-year-old girls. Karen is very enthusiastic about the lessons she brings every day and keeps her promise in her heart. Meanwhile, Hikari moved schools and moved away from Karen. But the wheels of destiny let the two meet again.

The game

Accordingly, the strategy game Re-LIVE will start at the end of the anime. If you want to know where the story of Karen, Hikari, and all the other Seisho Academy Academy girls are heading, you'll be able to continue that story in this mobile game.

Revue Starlight Re Live It Is Coming To The Wester
The battle system

Besides your favorite characters from the anime, there will be also 15 new characters appearing for the first time! The game will also allow fans to fully immerse themselves in the world of Revue Starlight thanks to the re-hire of anime voice actors to provide the most familiar experience.

This game has an RPG role-playing battle system is built according to the general card mechanism. Which means that this game is completely automatic. But the numerous aspects of character growth will keep you coming back to enhance your character and for the unique story come with each time you unlock a new character or skill.