Darkestville Castle is a point-n-click adventure game on Steam made by studio EPIC LLama and published by Buka Entertainment. It has been successfully brought to Android and iOS earlier today and been receiving a huge amount of feedback, with most of them being positive. Here's the announcement trailer of the game:


The main protagonist of Darkestville Castle is Cid – a demon who is constantly causing trouble throughout the city of Darkestville. However, everything is completely reversed when Dan Teapot – Cid’s sworn enemy hired the Romero brothers, a couple of skilled demon hunters, to mess with Cid’s normal life.

Darkestville Castle
Meet Cid, the main character of Darkestville Castle.

Now Cid has to oppose the real evil despite being a demon himself and you must follow him through an epic quest full of danger, intrigue, and ridiculous premises.

Graphics and audio

The animation is spot on. From motion to every speech patterns. Darknestville Castle scaled perfectly to 4K resolution and never suffered a single frame rate drop.

Darkestville Castle
The graphics are great and scale nicely with higher resolution.

The voice acting felt a bit off in Spanish or Russian but it is great overall. There is some misspelling in NPC’s dialogue which is the only downside of this game.

The black humor and puzzle vibes of Darkestville Castle

Darkestville Castle is packed with black humor and memorable characters. It also gives out a unique vibe that reminds us of old schools puzzle games.

Furthermore, Darkestville Castle delivers more than 7 hours of gameplay to both old and new generations and proving to be a love letter to the classics in the point-n-click genre. So, if you are in for a fun and amazing adventure with a little twist to it then Darkestville Castle is the right game for you.

Darkestville Screen
Looking for a chilled puzzle game with humor factor? Here you are!

The game is available right now for both Android and iOS users, so check it right now when it's hot! There's also a PC version of Darkestville Castle, you can get it on Steam.