Grand Mountain Adventure from developer Toppluva is advertised as the first skiing game on mobile that takes place in an open-world environment. In this game, you’ll get the chance to explore massive and beautiful mountains on a pair of skis.

Grand Mountain Adventure Trailer

You begin the game in a calm and cozy ski resort called Hirschalm, where you set out to take on your first slalom challenge. If you manage to overcome this challenge, you’ll earn ski passes, which can be used to gain access to lifts and unlock other areas of the mountain. As you make your way up the mountain, you will realize that it’s worth taking a detour from time to time to explore your surroundings, as they are home to many secret challenges as well as hidden ski passes.

Grand Mountain Adventure
Beautiful scenery

Grand Mountain Adventure is now up on Google Play Store with the first mountain being available as a free trial. To unlock the rest of the game, though, you need to spend $5 (Rs 365) on an in-app purchase. Of course, that means there will be no ads or microtransactions, so you’ll be able to enjoy the full experience without interruption after you pay.

That $5 is totally worth it too, as it’s when you get to the second mountain, Waldtal, that the game truly opens up with many lifts and directions. The challenges come in different varieties as well, including big air, slalom, slopestyle, and more. Needless to say, you’ll be able to perform many tricks such as spins, rails, flips, and combos.

Grand Mountain Adventure Sunset
Sunset and snow, this game has it all

In total, there are 5 mountains for you to play through, all of which are massive and diverse, featuring vivid environments with wildlife, snowfall, sunsets, and even hazards like falling trees and avalanches.

An interesting thing about Grand Mountain Adventure and developer Toppluva is that the studio consists of 3 actual snowboarders from Sweden. The development of the game began way back in 2015 when two of them were severely injured in the slopes (one broke his back and the other his leg). While recovering, they spent their time drawing sketches for a skiing game instead. Unlike the majority of games we have today, Grand Mountain Adventure uses a custom game engine that is tailored for it specifically. It is definitely a unique experience worth checking out.