Rift of Raigar

Rift of Raigar is a story-driven base-building competitive game that at the moment is on Kickstarter. With this game, developer Dun-Rite Games strives to create something that has never existed before on the mobile game market. In the game, each player will compete against others to decide the main storyline.

Rift of Raigar, many factions to choose

The land of Raigard is rampant with war and each player has to choose a side in this war. Who will you choose to side with? The Imperials, the Folklords or the Kings and Queens who is looking to resolve the war?

Rift Of Raigard Is A New Spin On Base Building Gen
Different factions in Rift of Raigar

Or maybe you want to be on the side of the Brutes or Gremlochs, masters of the undead whose goal is to spread plague and darkness all over the land.

Alternatively, how about siding with the Coalites, the masters of industry, who are on a mission to harvest all resources of the world to accumulate the ultimate power?

The faction you choose will affect the appearances of your base, troops, and heroes.

Conquer the land

After choosing a faction, you will join a guild and then head out to explore Raigard and all of its fantastical environments and rich history. However, don't forget that your main task is to conquer the Triosphere. Rise on the leaderboards by selecting and recruiting the best players into your guild. You will find something to love in Rift of Raigard, whether you like suspenseful competition or deep lore.

Rift Of Raigard Is A New Spin On Base Building Gen

The Kickstarter campaign of Rift of Raigard is still on-going and will accept pledge until 18 December this year. Go take a look and give a pledge to support the game. Right now, the estimated release date is May 2019. If you are interested, be sure to stay tuned for more information about this game.