The highly-anticipated Rush Rally 3 just launched a few days ago, promising to bring a console-quality racing experience to mobile devices.

Theoretically, it does deliver it. For just less than $5 you get over 70 unique stages to speed your way through and about just as many cars.  Additionally, there is a wide variety of weather effects, a day-night cycle, support for controllers, and everything is shown in an incredibly smooth 60 FPS.

Rush Rally 3

But how is the gameplay? Well, as the title suggests, Rush Rally 3 is a rally racer, so there will be no such thing as speeding through motorways in bizarre neon-tinged vehicles. Instead, most of your time will be spent trying to cut seconds off of your best record on different tracks.

Rush Rally 3 has several modes

There are tournaments, skill games, single rallies, and multiplayer, so there is something for you regardless of what your preference is. You can earn cash in all of these modes, which can later be spent on new upgrades and new cars, so you’ll always be making progress.

So the game got all the features right, but is it really a console-like experience? Well, yes, but the real question should be, which console? The graphics can certainly be compared the older consoles, but honestly, it cannot match the likes of CSR Racing 2 or Asphalt 9.

Rush Rally 1 1024x576

On the plus side, the game runs very smoothly, even with all the weather effects. You’re sure to get a great experience on that front.

The gameplay is what counts

Where Rush Rally 3 excels, though, is in its physics. Every vehicle feels realistic, and behaves exactly how they would in real life. So, if you’re a car enthusiast, you are in for a treat. There’s just something so special about figuring out the right moment to slow down to prepare for a turn and then pushing the gas to speed up again.

Rush Rally 3 1 1024x576

Also, the terrain will have an impact on how your car runs, so that’s something you must keep in mind.  Going on a dry, well-maintained road is definitely different from running on an icy forest path.

All in all, Rush Rally 3 is well worth the money. There isn’t really any other rally racing title on mobile that can match its quality.