The comeback of Radiangames

After a long break from the mobile gaming world for a few years, Radiangames has come back on the stage with a release of its free game -  Pivotal. Unlike other matching games,  Pivotal is a very unique game with interesting mechanics. The game developer then made another solid entry: Slydris 2, a new addition to the Slydris series with a new spin to the puzzling genre.

Speed Demons A New Racer Game That Likes Burnout B
Helicopter in the game

Speed Demons, an amazing drift

Now just after these two releases, Radiangame is making a turn with its soon-to-be-released Speed Demons. Even though this developer is known for its puzzler and shooter games, this new title is going to be a racing game in which you will get to choose from many vehicles and drive it through traffic with a top-down point of view. The most awesome thing about the game is that depending on the vehicle that you choose to play, gameplay will change accordingly. For example, if you choose a police patron car then in the game you will get the mission to chase after the criminals. Take a look at the below trailer of the game

From the trailer, you could see at the end of the clip that the landscape is just to make the trailer more natural. The game Speed Demons is actually supposed to be played in portrait mode.  When taking in to account the roster of vehicles and the randomly generated gameplay of the game, this game seems like it is highly recommended to anyone who likes games that could be played with only one hand.

Speed Demons A New Racer Game That Likes Burnout B
Control your vehicle through the traffic

Moreover, from the blog of Radiangames, we could see that it is still working on more vehicle types and environments for the game. The core of the development is done so now it could focus entirely on adding more content to the game. Speed Demons will go on the market with the price of $4.99 in the middle of January next year.