Shallot Games is recruiting some beta testers as they are releasing a new game named Sprout: Idle Garden. The studio is well-known for the unique game Vista Golf, a colorful and tranquil mini-golf game. Sprout will have a similar concept with Vista Golf – its older brother. Shallot is also working on a couple of other games at the moment as well.

You will build a garden with villagers in Sprout

Sprout: Idle Garden features colorful and clean graphics similar to Vista Golf. You will be allowed to create your own floral garden based on your preferences. The studio explains that they would like to develop a progression system comparable to other idle games. However, they want to do it without a strict linear progress path.

In this game, you can unlock a massive variety of accumulatively precious flowers. Then, you will upgrade these flowers to earn more benefits.

You will use these profits earning from the flowers business to building accommodations in your garden. There are villagers who will move in and live in these houses that you build up. You will also buy plenty of interesting decorations to decorate for your gardens, such as pots, ground tile and so many more.


You can increasingly unlock new flowers, items, and decorations

Sprout is about to publish on App Store – iOS version on March 12th. After that, it will appear on PlayStore for Android users. And to prepare for the launch, Shallot team want to recruit some beta testers to deal with any sudden last-minute glitches and smooth out everything perfectly. If you are confident in your abilities and, also, are interested in joining the Shallot team, you couldapply for the Testflight beta by following this link. If you wish to chat with Sprout-loving folks, you could find a link to Shallot’s Discord server.

Shallot is looking for beta testers for Sprout to make sure everything is fine till the launch

Besides, you are free to order Sprout: Idle Garden before the launch on App Store if you are so keen on it and can’t wait any longer. Otherwise, you can just wait till the launch on March 12th.