In fact, the older the games, the better they are. In this list, we won’t include some familiar game such as Team Fortress 2, Dota 2 and SC: SO as they are obviously legendary to gamers. These games are not in any specific order, and if we miss any of your favorite games, let us know.


Let’s start with a warfare space game. This is a virtual RPG, considered as the best free game on Steam. Warframe is not too well-known for its console version as it has various bugs, but it is truly a big hit on PC. We recommend you giving it a try, as you don’t need to pay money for cash or ‘silver’ to own logically vigorous characters in the meta.

1 1Warframe for PC

In this game, players will attack rivals wearing magical robot-suits, setting up many skills and weapons. This is a combination of Destiny-style sword action and third-person shooting. It guarantees best PvE and PvP experiences, as you will craft your gear, achieve victory, knock out your enemies in every pass. Moreover, this game is updated constantly, so that you will never get tired of playing it with other known and unknown players online.


Crossout is one action MMO game that players will build up incredible intense machines, including vehicles, weapons, monster trucks, etc. and then, take advantages of them to defeat rivals in online battles. If you are sneaky enough, you could even present the secrecy element.

2 1

Crossout – free MMO game

It is comfortable staying in the top 10 games of Steam among other fully-fledged MMOs. Crossout is standout with its machine personalization feature, which makes it continuously interesting to the players.  Another special point about this game is that you can craft your boss or battle with other’s creations. If you join PvE and PvP, you will receive new segments and blueprints, letting you create everything that you could come up with.

Star Trek Online

Steam players are so familiar with this game. Nobody could ever resist building the most extraordinary starships in such a rich universe that ever been created.

Star Trek Online

You will be in charge of the Enterprise, a huge spacecraft, and search for new empires in your story.  Much free gear, missions, and seasonal events are frequently updated that keep you out of boredom.

If you are keen on Worf and the Emissary, you could try the addition of Deep Space Nine crew. It hasn’t been out for long, but still, it’s entertaining enough, if you are a general sci-fi fan. I am hoping that some subjects of Star Trek Discovery, a Netflix series, would be added in the near future.

Path of Exile

Let’s take a short break from space and sci-fi game in a moment to discover Path of Exile. The game is remarkable for its creating character tools that I have ever seen. It fulfills you with the freedom to do everything you like, as you race the map’s surrounding, finding the lucky souls, sensing the madness in clicking your mouse and taskbar.

Path of Exile Online

There are various ways to develop your characters, turning them to death machine.

Like Diablo 3 combat, you have to compete with this world to find out all secrets. It also has frequent updates and many professional players, which help this game to stick on the top ten longer.

Path of Exile is said to be a complicated game, but incredibly free for a huge amount.


Warface is one kind of common FPS games that are free, concentrating on team deadly-matches and aggressive contra modes. What helps this game to be in top 10 of Steam is the teamwork tactics, 4 massive classes to pick and try on new weapons, paying for them by cash after using the currency of the game.


You have to be in a balanced team to win, not just having 4 teammates in the midst alone. Different levels are available to be chosen, with different weapons and classes that fit you and your teammates’ playstyles. You need to jump in one of the various maps and bloodthirsty modes.

Warface is well-known for the strong core gameplay, which means that you will need a lot of efforts to be in the top ranking.

This game is a change for you if you get tired of common AAA FPS games. You will soon find it is hard to stop playing this.

Realm Royale

Realm Royale has a fantasy royale, differ from other battle royale game that using a straight-up shooter. You will fight against 100 rivals to win the desirable first position.


Realm Royale

Especially, you can bring much more loot than you usually could, which keep things fresh for gamers. You can be brought down to earth by shards after that and then, produce more weapons at the Forge. This will make challenging and strategic, way more than usual, gameplay, by having their exclusive weapons and items, opposing to things that they look for lying around.

Remember, you can build items in the middle of the game, but don’t stoke up a Forge if you want to be highlighted as a target. Make sure weapons are always in your hands.

EVE Online
This ordinary game is always meant to be special. It is considered as one of the best MMOs ever with loyal players for more than 10 years.


EVE Online

You can be a trader, a spectator, a warlord and even more in this game. You have a chance to form a new world of yourself here. Remember to pause the game to rest for a while as EVE Online can cause addiction.

The Lord of the Rings Online
The Lord of the Rings Online and Star Trek Online are interesting omissions of the fact that book-and-film-based games are often overestimated and don’t have many copies sold.


The Lord of the Rings Online

Players will wander in enormous Middle Earth’s world, one of six races. You can empower with friends or solely and battle in Sauron’s part in PvMP battles.

You can produce many weapons and items, improving yourself as crossing Mines of Moria, having a drink in the Prancing Pony.


Focusing on the titular town in Dungeons and Dragons, an original RPG, Neverwinter set you into direct conflict with a different type of unique creatures, arduous foes, and unbelievable plot twists.


Neverwinter Game

All contents are freely accessible, making it a favorable choice for new players. The game had some complaint about the late microtransaction, even though it updates frequently. It stands out from others for its characters’ development and a wide range of abilities and skills.

Doki Doki Literature Club!

You can’t miss this game if you are in favor of real-depth characters, well thought-out storyline, numerous endings in a romantic façade of high school.


Doki Doki Literature Club

A group of beautiful high school girls is the game’s characters. It concentrates on their books and writing clubs. At first, the content warning seems unreasonable and nonsense. But after a few rounds writing poetry, flirting girls, things seem to get darker gradually as if it is a bug of the game. That’s what makes the game unique and fun to play.