If you are a fan of Ascension, then the following brand-new sequel is perfect for you. Get ready for Shards of Infinity,  the brainchild of Stone Blade Entertainment, who also brought us the epic Ascension. Here is the announcement trailer:

In Shard of Infinity’s world, a device called The Infinity Engine was destroyed and reality-bending shards have destroyed most of the world. You as the player must gather your forces, build your armies and defeat any adversaries to fix the Engine.


Shards of Infinity
Came out on May 6th for iOS, Android and PC, Shards takes the Ascension model of playstyle and mixes it up a little bit.

This time, the focus is less about outscoring your opponent and more about building up to ultimately defeat them by depleting their health. There is also a Champions system and 4 factions of cards. Otherwise, Shards of Infinity is a fairly standard deck building game. Your overall main goal is to develop a deck to make it stronger and stronger. At the same time, you have to deny your opponent cards and draw better ones from your deck.

Shards of Infinity
Here are a few examples of cards in Shards of Infinity.

There is one unique feature in this game is the ability to “fast play” a card you purchase which gains its effect but then trashes the card. This can only work for some cards but all in all it makes Shards of Infinity stands out from the others.

Also, a lot of things are included such as:

  • Over 125 cards.
  • Co-op with other players to play against AI.
  • Local pass and play.
  • Cross-platform multiplayer.

Shards Of Infinity
Undoubtedly, Shards Of Infinity is a perfect follow up sequel to the award-winning Ascension.

Shards of Infinity is available right now. You can get it now for mobiles on both Google Play and the App Store. Alternatively, if you like to play on PC, the game is up on Steam as well. Do note that the game is still in early access state so a lot more things will come in the future.