The official Facebook page of SINoALICE has recently made an announcement. According to it, instead of introducing itself to the world on July 18, SINoALICE now will be held back for further optimization.

The global version of the RPG SINoALICE needs more time for development.

If you don't know, SINoALICE is an RPG for fans of fairy tales, albeit it offers a different experience compared to what we usually see with those tales. All the stories will be re-written with a darker theme. Players have to form a team of fairy tales figures and embark on an adventure to rescue the creators of each story featured. With the voice-over of famous Japanese actors, SINoALICE is an 'epic story of girls' desires', according to its developer.

Sinoalice X Nier Automata New Image F6ef
The game also features a collaboration with the famous NieR: Automata.

SINoALICE first hit the Japanese market on June 6, 2017. Since 2018, the team behind it has already started working on an English adaptation of the game. They expected to deliver that localization on July 18, 2019. Unfortunately, this deadline could not be met.

More specifically, the result of their final check-ups and maintenances for the game's global release was not as good as expected. The team said they wanted to bring the best experience to their fans, and this kind of unfinished product should disappoint lots of people. As a result, after careful considerations, the management team of SINoALICE has decided "to optimize the localization of the game to provide the highest level of satisfaction for all users", and delayed its release date for an unknown amount of time.

According to SINoALICE's Facebook page, there will be "compensatory rewards" for this delay. While the game quickly reached 1 million pre-registrations on its website, there is still no expected date for its release.

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The worldwide launch date and compensatory rewards will be announced later.

More information will come at a later date, so stay tuned!