Sky: Children of the Light is the latest title from the developer thatgamecompany. Previously, it has released their most successful game Journey - the award-winning title in 2012. And this time, in E3, it has announced the release window for Sky: Children of The Light - developed from the beta version named Sky: Light Awaits last year.

At the same time, the developer also brought us an announcement trailer of the game, and you can check it down here:

Another aesthetic adventure from thatgamecompany studio

Earlier this year, thatgamecompany has made its steps on PC after getting their most famous titles - Journey and Flower ported. Taking advantages of the momentum, the developer has introduced its long-awaited title Sky: Children of the Light.

Came out earlier in the name Sky: Light Awaits, the game will hit iOS on July 11 after a one-year-long period of beta testing.

The game is flying to iOS, Android and PC devices next month!
The game is flying to iOS, Android and PC devices next month!

In Sky: Children of the Light, you'll take control of a "Sky Children". The beautifully animated kingdom is losing its hopes, and you'll have to go on the adventure to bring them back by returning the Fallen Stars to their constellations.

Throughout your journey, you'll have chances to visit new realms and unveil the mystery behind the land!

Some details about the gameplay

The developer thatgamecompany has described the game as "an online-only social adventure", which means Internet connection is mandatory.

As the game does have the "social" elements, players will have opportunities to further explore the lands with other players around the world. Specifically, the game allows you to meet and socialize with other like-minded people. Not stopping at that, it also provides a wide range of interactions as well.

Sky Children Of The Light Coming Up Next Month 2
Meet other like-minded people in the online-only game

They include teaming up to complete your quest to rescue the land, tighten your relationship by gifting candles of light to your friends and join hands to take part in seasonal events.

Join hands with other children to spread hope through the kingdom!
Join hands with other children to spread hope through the kingdom!

Additionally, you don't have to worry about getting indistinctive in the vast sky. The developer also allows you to customize your own characters, so that you'll always stand out!

With Sky: Children of the Light, the sky is the limit.

Sky: Children of The Light supported platform

The game was previously teased in Apple’s iPhone X event in 2017. At that time, the developer planned to make the game exclusive on Apple devices including Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone.

But today, thatgamecompany has finally decided that the game will also head to Android and PC as well! That's such great news, since exclusivity is never a good thing for gamers!

And I'm talking about you, dear mister!
And I'm talking about you, dear mister!

As Apple still receives the preferences, as the game will first hit iOS devices and on July 11. However, right this moment, iPhone and iPad users can already pre-order the game!

After that, it will be time for tvOS and macOS devices to receive the game, and PC and Android will be the last to get it.

The console version of the game is coming later, but we haven't know the exact release date yet.

I don't know? May be there will be a version for PS5 ?
I don't know? Maybe there will be a version for PS5?

Sky: Children of The Light are completely free to get on all supported devices, so don't hesitate to try this atmospheric game!

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