Ragnarok Online is a classic MMORPG by Gravity. Being fans and gamers, we’ve probably heard about this game every now and then. However, not many people know that the game was inspired by a Korean manhwa (or manga, comic) brought to life by Lee Myung-jin.

Soul Ark: Brave and Fate is the creator’s latest work. The game made its official release on the App Store and Google Play Store not so long ago, in North America. The game features Bluestone Soft as its developer and publisher. Now, let's take a look at the game official trailer:

Collect your unique heroes

Soul Ark: Brave and Fate is a 2D turn-based hero collection strategy game that happens in a futuristic science fiction world under of Net Sphere. It features an epic story of War and Fate. It is the story of heroes trying to save the world by standing up together and fight against evil.

Soul Ark Image 3
Collect more and more heroes as you progress in the game.

Unlike other products that are dominating on mobile phones today, Soul Ark: Brave and Fate pushes their gameplay to a new level through the game's unique index and combat system. So, get ready to take on an amazing adventure in Net Sphere, collect awesome heroes and relics of a powerful legend.

Soul Ark Image 4
Team up and together defeat the raid boss for awesome rewards.

Gather your friends now!

In the game, users can communicate directly with each other in a mutual community. Also, there are various town events to participate and challenge yourself in this soul ark universe.

Soul Ark Image 2
Be a part of a huge community that won't let you down.

Just a small reminder, Soul Ark: Brave and Fate is only available in the NA region at the moment. However, the game should be expanding to further territories soon in the future. For the South-East Asia region, there is now a local publisher to bring the game towards local gamers. All and all, for more information and game updates, follow the official Facebook page here