The beautiful platformer

Spirit Roots A Beautiful Upcoming Platformer Will

A screenshot of Spirit Roots

It was in the first few days of September that we got the trailers for a beautiful upcoming platformer names Spirit Roots from developer FredBear Games. Leave aside the amazing visual of the trailers,  the game has a very cool concept behind it.

Cinematic trailer of Spirit Roots

We could summarize the trailers like this: "Many many years ago, there are some planets in a faraway star system. They were at war with each other for over a century. It was so intense that all the planets were reduced to nothing but fragments. So everybody decided that they ought to stop the war before they completely destroy each other. After the war ended, they came up with an idea to stick all the fractions of the old planets together. They created a big planet and they also made an agreement that nobody from a fragment will ever cross into another. Amazingly, this weird idea works somehow and they live in peace until the moment the fragments start to rip apart. So the only way to save the planet is to let an inhabitant break the rule and go into other segments to figure out what is going on with the planet". That is the beautiful cinematic leading story of the game.

Official trailer of Spirit Roots

The release day

Spirit Roots A Beautiful Upcoming Platformer WillSpirit Roots's gameplay

The game was originally supposed to be released in October. But given that we are already at the end of November and Spirit Roots is still nowhere to be seen, it's apparent that the game still needs some more time. However, we will have the chance to play the game very soon. FreadBear Games has confirmed that the game is already in pre-order from now and they will release it in January 28th next year.  And it's almost December guys so be patient! For now, you could pre-order the game by click on this link and get a 1 dollar discount off from the regular price of $4.99. Moreover, the game will be a full premium with no IAP included. So be excited about the game because it is coming !!