Developer Trese Brothers has recently made an announcement that its massively ambitious and highly enjoyable space adventure game Star Traders: Frontiers is coming to mobile at the end of this month.

Star Traders: Frontiers made its debut on Steam last August and has since then received several major updates. At its core, however, it is a strategy/RPG/simulator hybrid set in space, where you are the captain of your own fleet and set out to become the best captain in the universe.

Star Traders: Frontiers Trailer

In the end, though, it all boils down to choices. The first thing you have to choose is your career path. There are a total of 26 options for you to pick. You can be anything from a merchant or an explorer to a space pirate or a bounty hunter. Of course, each career has its own strengths, but also comes with certain drawbacks in some situations.

Once you've decided who you want to be, you’ll gain complete control of your own ship - which again comes with a dazzling 350 upgrades and 45 hulls for you to optimize it to your liking. Besides that, you need to take care of your crew as well, as every member can also be upgraded, assigned talents, and equipped for various tasks such as exploration or combat.

Star Traders 2

What you do from there is completely up to you. You can join a faction if you find its cause worth contributing to, or you can live a carefree life and make a name for yourself. Alternatively, Star Traders: Frontiers also has a surprisingly extensive single-player campaign to play through, which you throw you into the midst of numerous political rivalries and blood feuds.

Here, you will get to meet many different characters, and not all will be friendly. As you play, you will find out that it’s impossible to keep everybody happy. Each time you help one, you risk offending another. Your actions will have an impact on how the story plays out.

Star Traders 1

All in all, Star Traders: Frontiers is a rich and magnificent adventure that promises hours of enjoyment. It is coming next week on January 30 on both Android and iOS and will set you back $6.99 (Rs 500) if you want to grab it.