From GDCompany, we have the upcoming title of Steel Rage. It is a PvP car shooter with lots of customization and all the destruction that you can imagine. Battle through this post-apocalyptic world where the cars have overgrown the streets.

Here is the teaser trailer for this title:

Less Mad than Mad Max

In general, your mission in this game is to out-gun and out-drive your enemies. We do not have clear information on all types of game modes in Steel Rage, but one confirmed mode will involve 6-vs-6 car battles, likely a team deathmatch kind of thing.

Steel Rage Is Now Open For Pre Registration With A
You should expect some fierce competition in the 6vs6 multiplayer mode.

In this title, customization plays a huge part and not just the paint job. For your car "war machine," you could choose to customize it with a massive amount of body types, driving style, and weapons. You could make it into a spider-like robotic vehicle or equip it with tank tracks to conquer the off-roads.

From the Google Play page of the title, here are some more details:

Steel Rage Is Now Open For Pre Registration With A
Customize the war machine of your own.

You will have full customization in Steel Rage, which means you can choose your favorite action abilities, military weapon, chassis, and body type. There will be over 13 bodies; each features unique appearances and action specifications - from vans, SUV, to sport and mini cars. Basically, no matter what your playstyle is, there is something for you.

Steel Rage Is Now Open For Pre Registration With A
Drive and shoot your way through this game.

Don't forget to add in the weapons because you will need them. There are all types of offered weapons, from the heavy, medium, to light military armaments. And there are also missiles, AP projectiles, and machine-guns. Select the one best fit for your tactics.

It all that sounds good to you, then you can head over to Google Play to pre-register for Steel Rage right now.