Just last month, we covered the 3rd person battle royale title Meka Hunters here when it was coming to Beta.  Then just recently, developer Illogical Games has begun pre-orders for Meka Hunters way ahead of the planned release for the title this November. I really want to see how this move of Illogical Games will turn out after their previous experience with launching the original title (If you don't know about the long and rather troublesome history behind Meka Hunters, check out our previous article in the link included above). They have redone MekaRoyale Online into a more focused approach with Meka Hunters. See the trailer below for more details on the upcoming title:

Some details on Meka Hunters

Meka Hunters is going to be of Battle Royale game with a third-person perspective. That is a significant change as opposed to the top-down view of the original Mecha Royale Online.

The game will be a Battle Royale with a third-person perspective

About the gameplay, the Meka Hunters does not change much from the original. You will play an ordinary pilot with nothing but a few necessary weapons. But when you win several matches, you could summon a fighting machine called MEKA. That makes an extremely chaotic battle between Pilot and MEKA.

While MEKA is entirely fixed on their given weapons, Pilot can pick up all the weapons present on the battlefield to balance the power. They even can summon an Exosuit to gain even more power. The matches will also be quicker; thus, players will encounter others more frequently.

Meka Hunters Is Now Up For Pre Order Ahead Of Its
That makes an extremely chaotic battle between Pilot and MEKA

Meka Hunters will be a free-2-play title and while in-game purchases are present, they are only for cosmetics. It will launch officially on the 13th of November and pre-order is already live on Apple's Apple Store, so be sure to head over there to give the game a look if you are interested.