Yup, that is right from Dear Villagers and Fun Punch Games, we have the fantastic title of Strikers Edge. It is a masterpiece of multiplayer games, which maybe some of you have tried before. If you haven't tried the fantastic PvP game yet, then with this article, I will convince you to do so.

Enjoy The Thrilling Pvp Battle Vs Your Friend With
Enjoy the action-packed mind game with your friend.

Strikers Edge

Enjoy The Thrilling Pvp Battle Vs Your Friend With
Move and Shoot! That is basically all.

Basically, it is a battler with a top-down perspective that is all about throwing projectiles and dodging, to a great extent. Strikers Edge's rules are quite simple: chuck, dodge, and even block if you like. Each character in the game has a unique ability, which gives another layer of spices to their play style. However, in general, most characters are well-balanced and come into play in the same ways.

Enjoy The Thrilling Pvp Battle Vs Your Friend With
Each character in Strikers Edge will have their own unique abilities.

Precision is also really important and so does mind games and trickery. Hitting your opponent is not only about good aiming. It is also about manipulating your target into the place you want them to be. That psychology only works with the multiplay when you play vs. another human player. Battling vs. the game AI would not give you the same experience. Therefore you should invite your your friend to play Strikers Edge with you and try to read them like a book.

The tragedy of online multiplayer indie games

It is understandable why the game market is not very friendly to online multiplayer indie games. You have to retain a sizeable player base for most time in the day, or else your game will just falter and fall in popularity. No one wants to play a multiplayer game with too long queue time and so few players.

Striker Edge Main
Strikers Edge is a good game but it failed to build up a community around the game

It is really a tragedy. There are lots of amazing multiplayer titles that failed just due to an insufficient player base. It stands to reason that many studios have hesitated to make more indie multiplayer games.

Strikers Edge is currently available for PC via Steam for $12.44 (₹1072,5)