Despite being an IRL streamer, Sweet Anita does play several games like Apex Legends and Overwatch. The 29-year-old female streamer who comes from England entered Twitch in 2018 and quickly gathered steam as people gravitated towards her unique energy. Now she has around 1.2 million followers on the platform, together with nearly a million subscribers on Youtube.

As an inevitable part of her condition, she has gone through countless circumstances when the signs of Tourette syndrome including making unexpected sounds and facial gestures (called tics) happen during the stream. Those are all too visible conditions that viewers instantly notice. Thus, Sweet Anita's online persona has always been attached to her tics that frequently appear on her stream.

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Sweet Anital
Anita soar to fame thanks to her special nervous system syndrome called Touretter syndrome

On most occasions, her condition would lead to some hilarious incidents. It’s typical to catch her in a random awkward moment while watching her stream. This has caused a lot of viewers to react with sympathetic attitudes towards her stream. Apparently, the famous streamer didn’t enjoy receiving guilt-filled messages from her viewers, saying that she had grown used to it and that laughing at her awkward situations was totally normal. Her tweet back in February clearly shows that the streamers are well aware of her condition and she accepts it. That’s the reason why she wants others to treat her normally and stop feeling sorry for her.

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Sweet Anita 2
She always receives a mixed comment about her special syndrome

For long-time subscribers, it’s typical of her as she has always been a cheerful person that radiates positivity. When her Tourette’s syndrome kicks in, she would be the one to laugh at her own tics. Check out some of her funny videos with tics on Twitch:

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Across her platforms, she doesn’t hesitate to talk about her condition, rather the streamer has been really outspoken and supportive for others who suffer from the same syndrome. Constantly being a subject for stereotype and criticism, she never let negative externalities drag her down. The streamer always uses it as a chance to raise awareness.

Earlier, the streamer also gains attention for her unusual story of having a stalker who followed her every time she went out. She even faces death threats and her Livestream section got interrupted due to the crazy stalker. According to the streamer. the problem has been settled down thanks to the help of the police.

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