Soaring onto the top of TikTok US chart is Bella Poarch - a true one-night sensation who took the world by storm with just one viral video. Despite the overwhelming fame, the 23-year-old Filipinos star also faced criticism for being ‘talentless’ and it was all about the simp culture which brought her to fame. So who is Bella Poarch and how she became a phenomenon just by shaking her head in a lip-sync video, keep reading for more details!

Bella Poarch
Social media star Bella Poarch became an overnight sensation after one of her TikTok videos went viral and hit cores of likes and views in a short time

Joining the video-based social media TikTok earlier this year, it took only a few months for the stunner to read lakhs of followers. Her popularity is mostly contributed by her viral lip-sync videos. However, it was not only her lip-syncing piece to ‘M to the B’ by Millie B that took the internet by storm. The video featuring her with a funny and animated-like facial gesture sparked a new trend on the internet that unexpectedly hit 50 cores views after 2 months.

Who is Bella Poarch

Being a social media star, Bella Poarch, however, reveals hardly anything about her personal life. All we have known so far is that she is a 23 year old Filipinos girl living in the US and used to serve in the US Navy. However, all of this information including her real name hasn't been verified.

Is the 'simp' culture the reason for Bella Poarch's popularity?

Despite her popularity, Bella Poarch also received mixed opinions about the real reason for her success. According to that, the rising social media star keeps getting slammed for being viral without having any talent. All she did was just posting ‘random lip-syncs’ and rack ups with likes and money. In fact, the star is said to have huge simp fans who are young boys flooding the comment section of all her post with the message: 'Proud boyfriend here"

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Bella Poarch
The popular type of comment under Bella's posts

While there is a long list of popular female streamers, many of them land on the controversy for being famous without any talents. From Pokimane, Neeko Kul to Alinity, all of them are well-known as top female streamers found in the ‘just chatting’ section instead of being top tier players. It can be explained as most of their fans and followers are so ‘simp’ that a girl just needs to ‘look good’ to become famous and be ‘worshiped’ by other men.

There is no doubt that Bella Poarch is not the first girl who soar into fame, however, it's undeniable that she looks so adorable and stunning that it's hard to keep eyes on her. Take a look at more hot photos of Bella Poarch right below:

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Bella Poarch 2