Garena Free Fire offers a gigantic selection of in-game cosmetic items, characters, pets, and more. Most of these items, such as Gloo Wall skins, bundles, and loot box skins, do not influence the gameplay in any way. However, they are great to satisfy aesthetic purposes. Players can acquire these cosmetic items from the in-game store or from various events.

New Swordsman Gloo Wall Skin1
Check out this brand new Gloo Wall Skin in Garena Free Fire

Gloo Walls play a crucial role in the mobile BR game. Players use them to take cover or reposition themselves in close-range combat. Garena Free Fire has just released a new Swordsmen Legends Gloo Wall skin in the game. In this article, let's take a look at all the details about this skin.

New Swordsman Legends Gloo Wall Skin in Garena Free Fire

The new Gloo Wall skin is currently up for grasp in the newly introduced Swordsman Legend top-up event. The event kicked off on 28th November and will conclude on 4th December.

New Swordsman Gloo Wall Skin 2
Win additional rewards for topping up Diamonds

During its entire duration, players can obtain various in-game items as a reward just for purchasing or topping up a specific number of Diamonds.

New Swordsman Gloo Wall Skin Katana
The Swordsman Legends Katana skin is also pleasing to look at!

Here are all the milestones and rewards that players can collect from the event:

  • 100 Diamonds - Swordsman Legends Loot Box
  • 500 Diamonds - Gloo Wall – Swordsman Legends
  • 1000 Diamonds - Blueprint: Swordsman Legends

How to Collect Rewards from Swordsman Legend Top-up Event

  • #1: Open Garena Free Fire and top-up the corresponding amounts as we noted above.
  • #2: After successfully buying the Diamonds, visit the Events section.
  • #2: Click on the Swordsman Legend top-up event.
  • #3: Click the claim button beside the corresponding rewards.
Press on the claim button beside the corresponding rewards
Make your Diamonds purchase, then press on the claim button beside the corresponding rewards